Medical research

Researchers create new model of lung mesenchymal cells

Lung mesenchymal cells, which are critical components of the lung's unique structure, also play important roles in disease and recovery from injury, yet knowledge is limited about their biology or how they initiate diseases ...


Seven ways to protect your health when cooking with gas

Cooking can pollute the air inside your house to such an extent that breathing in your kitchen may be as safe as breathing by a busy roadside. A poor supply of oxygen can prevent gas or solid fuels burning properly, which ...


Is vaping any healthier than smoking?

There's been plenty of scientific debate about whether vaping is safer than tobacco, and whether it may help some people stop smoking.

Oncology & Cancer

Experts call for better cancer tests to tailor treatment

Greater use of cancer tests is the key to tailoring use of new treatments for patients more precisely and so increasing their chances of being recommended for use within the NHS, experts say.

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