Georgia begins vaccine rollout with AstraZeneca jab

Georgia on Monday began a national coronavirus vaccine drive by inoculating medical workers with the AstraZeneca jab, rejecting concerns over side effects that have led several EU countries to halt its use.

Medical research

Association between alcohol consumption and telomere length

There is no consensus across medical science as to whether or not there is a safe lower limit on alcohol consumption nor whether a small amount of alcohol is beneficial. The picture is complicated by the various congeners, ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Man's Ebola relapse spawned dozens of new cases in Africa

A man in Africa who developed Ebola despite receiving a vaccine recovered but suffered a relapse nearly six months later that led to 91 new cases before he died. The report adds to evidence that the deadly virus can lurk ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

A visit to 'Dr. Google' makes patients better at diagnosis

Medical professionals often advise patients not to search the Internet for their symptoms before coming into the clinic, yet many people turn to "Dr. Google" when feeling sick. Concerns about "cyberchondria"—or increased ...

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