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Chad's first dengue fever outbreak

Chad has reported its first dengue outbreak, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The country's health ministry declared an outbreak on 15 August and so far 1,342 suspected cases have been reported, 41 of them ...

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Dengue fever is making inroads in Europe

Cases of the mosquito-borne illness dengue are typically seen in the tropics, but with the changing climate that may be changing.

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Climate factors predict future mosquito activity

Increases in three climate factors—temperature, rainfall, and ocean warming —predicted mosquito population growth in Sri Lanka for the next one to six months, according to a new study by an international team of researchers. ...

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Can antiviral agents help immune systems fight mosquito-borne dengue?

Can the dengue virus be prevented using antiviral agents such as antibiotics or vaccines? Before considering that step, University of Florida scientists are taking a closer look at whether mosquito immune systems can be influenced ...

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Mapping dengue hot spots pinpoints risk for Zika and chikungunya

Data from nine cities in Mexico confirms that identifying dengue fever "hot spots" can provide a predictive map for future outbreaks of Zika and chikungunya. All three of these viral diseases are spread by the Aedes aegypti ...

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Modified mosquitoes to fight illness in Florida Keys

Genetically modified mosquitoes are being released in the Florida Keys in an effort to combat persistent insect-borne diseases such as Dengue fever and the Zika virus.

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