Study suggests even more reasons to eat your fiber

Health professionals have long praised the benefits of insoluble fiber for bowel regularity and overall health. New research from the University of Minnesota suggests even more reasons we should be prioritizing fiber in our ...


In EU, a food fight over nutrition labels

Europe is taking longer than planned to concoct an EU-wide food-labelling system after a colour-coded scheme created in France did not go down well in culinary rival Italy.


What is ultra-processed food?

Ultra-processed food can become the go-to diet for people on the run, as they sacrifice nutrition for convenience.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Food texture key to eating habits in children with Down syndrome

Children with Down syndrome prefer food with a crispy, oily mouthfeel and don't like brittle or gooey foods. But those preferences can lead to a less nutritious diet, according to Washington State University research published ...

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