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Cholera kills over 1,200 in Malawi, threatens neighbours: WHO

The deadliest cholera outbreak in Malawi's history has killed at least 1,210 people, while vaccines remain scarce and several other African nations report outbreaks, the World Health Organization said Thursday.

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Harmful pollution boosting superbug 'silent pandemic'

Containing and cleaning up environmental pollution, especially in waterways, is crucial to controlling increasingly bullet-proof superbugs which could kill tens of millions by mid-century, a new UN report said Tuesday.

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Malawi cholera death toll passes 1,000

A cholera outbreak in Malawi has killed more than 1,000 people, the Health Ministry said on Tuesday as the country ran out of vaccines.


Billions still exposed to toxic trans fat: WHO

Five billion people are exposed to higher heart disease risks through trans fat, the World Health Organization said Monday, calling out countries that have failed to act against the toxic substance.

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