Oncology & Cancer

New genetic culprit suspected in the onset of pancreatic cancer

New research out of VCU Massey Cancer Center points to the inactivation of a previously unidentified gene as a likely culprit in the development of pancreatic cancer. Recently published in Cell Reports, the findings could ...

Medical research

Lethal cancer cells buddy up to survive

Tumor cells in the most common pancreatic cancer share nutrients to live and grow. A new discovery by University of California, Irvine biologists and collaborators during a four-year investigation could help lead to better ...

Oncology & Cancer

Q&A: Pancreatic cancer risk, symptoms and treatment

My mother recently was diagnosed with diabetes, but due to abdominal pain and other issues, her doctor suspects she might have pancreatic cancer. How is pancreatic cancer diagnosed and what are the symptoms to watch for?

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