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Severe grief can lead to poor health

Many emotions that we can experience have a biological benefit. For example, anger, fear or lust help us defend, escape or reproduce. But for grief, there is no such biological benefit. Instead, researchers describe grief ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Adoption study links child behavior issues with mother's trauma

Mothers' childhood experiences of trauma can predict their children's behavior problems, even when the mothers did not raise their children, who were placed for adoption as newborns, a new University of Oregon study shows.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Smacking children: What the research says

The question of whether it is ever acceptable to smack a child—hitting them with the flat inside of the hand with the aim of achieving compliance—is still highly controversial. In England, this controversy was recently ...

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A parent is a mother or father; one who sires or gives birth to and/or nurtures and raises an offspring. The different roles of parents vary throughout the tree of life, and are especially complex in human culture.

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