Use of medication abortion rose after Dobbs decision

As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments Tuesday in a case that could determine nationwide access to the abortion pill, a new study finds requests for the medication made outside the traditional health care system ...


New pathways open for female reproductive health care

Two important new avenues have opened up for women to access reproductive health care medications. Several high-profile retailers merit commendation for their contributing role. Their involvement is an example of conscientious ...


What is Ryeqo, the recently approved medicine for endometriosis?

For women diagnosed with endometriosis it is often a long sentence of chronic pain and cramping that impacts their daily life. It is a condition that is both difficult to diagnose and treat, with many women needing either ...

Medical research

Research may offer relief to migraine sufferers

Research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine could pave the way for new treatments to manage migraines and chronic pain in women, improving their quality of life. The work is published in The Journal of Pain.

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