Parkinson's & Movement disorders

Boxing may ease Parkinson's symptoms

Researchers are looking to the boxing ring for new options in the fight against Parkinson's disease symptoms.


Exploring racism's health impact in a VA renal clinic

A new study led by Penn LDI associate fellow Kevin Ahmaad Jenkins queried patients at a Veterans Administration (VA) renal clinic and found them angry, resentful, and stressed by their experiences with racism. The findings ...


Taste buds can adapt to low salt diet

A taste adaptation intervention lowers salt intake and increases enjoyment of a sodium restricted diet in patients with hypertension, according to a small study presented at ACNAP-EuroHeartCare Congress 2022, a scientific ...


New study evaluates current neonatal resuscitation guidelines

A new randomized control trial compares the current recommendations of ventilation and chest compression versus ventilation during neonatal resuscitation using an ovine model of bradycardia. Findings from the study will be ...

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