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Researchers investigate the role of tickling in adult sexuality

Scientists at the Institute of Pathophysiology of the University Medical Center Mainz made the first comprehensive analysis on how adults use tickling in connection with sexual activity. As part of their study, they surveyed ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

The orgasm gap and why women climax less than men

Imagine a steamy sex scene involving a woman and a man from your favorite television show or movie. It's likely that both parties orgasm. But this doesn't reflect reality.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Kids cause suffering for parents, but do they make them unhappy?

Some influential studies show that the decision to have kids leads to greater suffering—at least for parents. A famous study by Nobel prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman and collaborators showed that working women ...


The clitoris—a brief history

"What's the difference between a bar and clitoris? Most men have no trouble finding a bar." In the world of humour, the clitoris remains a mystery: supposedly small, and so inevitably difficult to locate. "Which dinosaur ...


New condom could boost use, study finds

A condom designed to increase sexual pleasure has the potential to increase protected sex and decrease sexually transmitted infections, a new study suggests.

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