WHO chief lambasts vaccine profits, demands elderly go first

The World Health Organization chief on Monday lambasted drugmakers' profits and vaccine inequalities, saying it's "not right" that younger, healthier adults in wealthy countries get vaccinated against COVID-19 before older ...

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Ukraine virus cases top one million

Ukraine's coronavirus caseload passed the one million mark on Thursday as the post-Soviet country's underfunded healthcare system struggles to contain a pre-holiday surge in infections.

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Pneumonia kills 140,000 children each year in Nigeria

Pneumonia kills around 143,000 children under the age of five each year in Nigeria, the government said Thursday, with the coronavirus pandemic hampering access to life-saving treatment.

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Papua New Guinea outbreak spreads beyond capital

Papua New Guinea ramped up coronavirus testing and rushed to build field hospitals on Wednesday after an outbreak was found to have spread beyond its locked-down capital.

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PNG orders lockdown of capital after first virus death

Papua New Guinea's prime minister on Monday ordered a swift lockdown of the capital and warned the number of coronavirus cases will likely explode in coming days, as the country recorded its first confirmed COVID-19 death.

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