Oncology & Cancer

Blood-based 'liquid biopsy' might spot early-stage cancers

An experimental blood test may be able to catch a dozen different types of cancer with a high degree of accuracy—including some that are particularly tricky to detect, a preliminary study suggests.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

What happens if we run out of antibiotics?

Widespread use of antibiotics in humans and animals has created growing resistance to treatments. What will happen if nothing is done? We asked expert Piotr Garstecki.


Antibiotic residues in water a threat to human health

Antibiotic residues in wastewater and wastewater treatment plants in the regions around China and India risk contributing to antibiotic resistance, and the drinking water may pose a threat to human health, according to a ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Research review about suicide communication on digital platforms

The Swedish Media Council (Statens medieråd) in collaboration with NASP has produced a research review about suicide, internet-based communication about suicide and how suicidal individuals can be identified online.

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