Does your neighborhood affect your stroke recovery?

Stroke survivors who live in neighborhoods with lower socioeconomic status—areas with lower household income, education levels and occupational status—may have worse recovery three months after a stroke than people who ...

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New COVID restrictions in Thailand as cases rise

New COVID restrictions came into force in Thailand on Monday to try to halt a spiralling outbreak that saw deaths hit a record single-day high over the weekend.


How to build a city that prioritizes public health

Most people by now have memorized the public health guidelines meant to help minimize transmission of COVID-19: wash your hands, wear a mask, keep six feet apart from others. That part is easy.

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Gibraltar unlocks after mass vaccinations

Maskless people greet each other in the streets, friends gather for meals inside restaurants and sports fans once again attend live events.

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Anxiety in a post-COVID world

A post-pandemic world is arguably near. Experts anticipate a "return to normal," or the next iteration of normal, in 2022. Many people correlate the end of mask-wearing with the end of the pandemic, or see herd immunity as ...

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Rio tightens restrictions as COVID surges in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro announced new restrictions Thursday on bars, restaurants and beaches, seeking to contain a surge of COVID-19 that is pushing Brazil's hospitals to the breaking point.

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WHO team visits animal disease center in Wuhan, China

A World Health Organization team of international experts visited an animal disease center in the Chinese city of Wuhan on Tuesday as part of their investigation into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.

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