Bed sharing not as critical as claimed

New research led by the University of Kent has found that there is no link between bed sharing, infant-mother attachment, and infant behavioral outcomes.


Low-fiber, high-fat diets adversely impact the gut

Changes to the gut microbiome are known to affect metabolic health. Physiologists at Laval University in Canada have discovered that diets containing low fiber and high fat cause significant shifts in the composition of the ...


Women with a 'sweet tooth' more in tune with their bodies

Women who crave sweet taste sensations are more in tune with their bodies—and better able to tell when they feel full—than women with an aversion to the sweet stuff. That's according to new research from psychologists ...

Gerontology & Geriatrics

Why age is no barrier to keeping fit and healthy

It's often said that a major sign you're getting older is when you struggle to recover from exercise as quickly as you did back in your younger days.


Age-related diseases can be linked by genetics

In a research paper published in Nature Aging, the team reports using a novel approach to provide the first data-driven classification of multiple diseases obtained using human genetic and medical data freely available from ...

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