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Aged care facilities boosted by disaster toolkit

A free national resource is helping aged care providers ensure they are optimally prepared for fires, floods and other emergencies, equipped to respond comprehensively and recover swiftly.

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Mental health resilience tied to fewer COVID-19 worries

(HealthDay)—Resilience helps alleviate COVID-19-related worries as well as anxiety and depression, according to a study published online Aug. 20 in Translational Psychiatry.

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Study finds signs of altruism in people's COVID-19 worries

When it comes to worrying about the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study demonstrates that people are more concerned about whether their family members could contract the virus or if they are unknowingly spreading the virus themselves ...

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Coping with COVID stress: From pandemic brain fog to resilience

Everywhere you look, you're likely to see people facing an unprecedented amount of stress. With the COVID-19 pandemic comes a barrage of daily health anxieties, rising death tolls, increasing unemployment numbers, and physical ...

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Countries with female leaders suffer six times fewer COVID-19 deaths

The COVID-19 crisis points to female leadership as a marker for healthier and more equal societies that are more receptive to political agendas placing social and environmental wellbeing at the core of national policymaking, ...


Epigenetics tell the story of trauma and recovery

QUT trauma researcher Professor Jane Shakespeare-Finch from the Faculty of Health's School of Psychology and Counselling said this line of research could provide more specific and individualised targets for research, prevention, ...

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4 good practices for anyone caring for quarantined kids

About 55 million U.S. schoolchildren attend schools that have been closed or are being directly affected by the new coronavirus social distancing rules. Erika London Bocknek, a family therapist who studies early childhood ...

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