A sports cardiologist's guide to running

The weather's finally warming up, and you're eager to grab those dust-covered shoes out of the closet and hit the running path. But hold on just a second.

Sports medicine & Kinesiology

Spring sprains: Sports injury season begins

As youth spring sports kick into high gear, it's important to know about injury prevention and treatment, an expert says.

Sports medicine & Kinesiology

Humans run at the most energy-efficient speed, regardless of distance

As race season approaches, many runners have the same goal: go faster. But in a study publishing April 28 in the journal Current Biology, researchers show that speeding up might require defying our natural biology. By combining ...


Smart steps to recover after running a marathon

You've just crossed the finish line of a marathon—26.2 hard-fought miles under your belt, and a medal around your neck. What should you do to recover? For starters, keep going, says David Nolan, a physical therapist who ...

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