How does caffeine give us energy?

As our school and work schedules start returning to normal, many of us will find ourselves reaching for a pick-me-up to make it through the day. Often, this comes in the form of caffeine—say, in a cup of coffee or tea, ...

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Some schools hit hard by virus make few changes for new year

As a new school year approaches, COVID-19 infections are again on the rise, fueled by highly transmissible variants, filling families with dread. They fear the return of a pandemic scourge: outbreaks that sideline large numbers ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Sleep problems can lead to teen depression

New evidence suggests that sleep difficulties, long thought to be a symptom of adolescent depression, might actually come first.

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Experts urge Germany's govt to prepare for fall COVID wave

Authorities in Germany should prepare for several possible pandemic scenarios this fall that would likely strain the country's health system and critical infrastructure, an expert panel said Wednesday.

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