Inflammatory disorders

Diet and diverticulitis

Divertitulitis is a fairly common condition, especially as we get older. What to eat when plagued with this intestinal condition depends on where one is in the process. For reasons not yet completely understood, little pockets ...


Does turkey actually make you sleepy?

It's as reliable as the parades and football matches: Come Thanksgiving, you indulge in your family's traditional feast before settling in for a much-needed nap. But while may blame the day's "food coma" on the turkey specifically, ...


On nutrition: Don't toss those pumpkin seeds

It all started with a question from a reader in Missouri: "Can pumpkin seeds minimize an overactive bladder? Is it better to eat ground-up pumpkin seeds or whole seeds? How much is advisable?"


Q&A: Foods to help maximize your memory

Dear Mayo Clinic: I enjoy cooking, but I prefer to work with the freshest ingredients. As such, I grow my own fruits and vegetables in a small garden and purchase other fresh produce from a local farmers market. I've read ...


Maximize memory function with a nutrient-rich diet

Research suggests that the ability to maximize memory function may be related to what you eat. Following an eating plan that provides a healthier selection of dietary fats and a variety of plant foods rich in phytonutrients ...

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