Small protein plays big role in chronic HIV infection

NeuroHIV refers to the effects of HIV infection on the brain or central nervous system, and to some extent, the spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. A collection of diseases, including neuropathy and dementia, neuroHIV ...


Researchers introduce enhanced brain signal analysis technique

University of Minnesota Medical School researchers have introduced a new, refined method for analyzing brain signals, enhancing our understanding of brain functionality. This research has the potential to improve treatments ...


'Star Wars-style' holograms to communicate with the brain

About 20 years ago, neuroscientists, recording from electrodes implanted in the medial temporal lobe, identified human brain cells that respond only to photos of Jennifer Aniston. It was a headline-grabbing development in ...

Biomedical technology

New throat patch can turn muscle movements into speech

A new adhesive patch could one day help people with voice disorders speak again by using artificial intelligence to read the movements of their throat muscles and turn them into speech, researchers said Tuesday.

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