The ups and downs of sit-stand desks

Have a seat. No, wait! Stand. With researchers suggesting that "sitting is the new smoking," sit-stand desks (SSD) have become a common tool to quell sedentary behavior in an office environment. As this furniture becomes ...


Take a stand against too much sitting at work

(HealthDay)—We know that the amount of sitting Americans do is now considered a health threat. Researchers estimate that the average adult spends more than 8 hours a day being sedentary, and it's not just all that time ...


For the last time, sitting is not the new smoking

Thanks to social media, one inaccurate but catchy headline about research can find new life in unlimited shares and retweets, but the actual science can become dangerously distorted.


Less sitting time can be initial step in total fitness plan

(HealthDay)—The reduction and interruption of sitting time can be an initial step in the development of a total physical activity plan for male patients, according to the conclusions of a report published in the December ...


Standing up for weight management

Alternating positions between standing and sitting while performing deskwork could make the difference in whether the thin red needle in your bathroom scale tilts to the left or the right of your goal weight.


Interrupting prolonged sitting beneficial in type 2 diabetes

(HealthDay)—For patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D), interrupting prolonged sitting with three-minute bouts of light-intensity walking (LW) or simple resistance activities (SRA) every 30 minutes improves postprandial cardiometabolic ...

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