How does social behavior lead to clusters of vaccine hesitancy?

Geographical pockets of vaccination behavior can be attributed to both pre-existing sociodemographic clusters as well as the way vaccine hesitancy spreads through neighboring societies, according to a new study publishing ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Understanding how persuasion works can make consumers more savvy

When someone offers a free sample, it's not really free. It comes with the implied expectation that if a person accepts it, he or she will feel obligated to return the favor and eventually pay for the full product. That's ...


Online media use shows strong genetic influence

Online media use such as social networking and gaming could be strongly influenced by our genes, according to a new study by researchers from King's College London.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Research illuminates a social media trap for new moms

Being a new mom is not glamorous or effortless—no matter what some social media influencers suggest—and the uptick of idealized portrayals online has been shown to have deleterious effects on moms.

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