Psychology & Psychiatry

Refugee centers benefit asylum seekers' mental health, study finds

Sheltering in refugee centers can positively impact asylum seekers' mental health, according to a new study published in Communications Medicine, underscoring the benefits of providing migrants safe and welcoming transitional ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Brain signals can predict how often a news article is shared online

For years, researchers at the Communication Neuroscience Lab at the Annenberg School for Communication and their partners have been studying why some information, like news articles or memes, get shared widely online. More ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Don't trust TikTok for trustworthy info on autism

TikTok may be great for watching funny cat videos and learning make-up hacks, but new research suggests this platform should not be trusted when it comes to information on autism.

Autism spectrum disorders

Can we trust autism information on TikTok? Not always, says study

While social media can be a great resource for connecting with others, it can also quickly and easily spread misleading or inaccurate information in mass. Social media platforms, especially the popular TikTok app, have allowed ...

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