Autism spectrum disorders

Therapy dogs aren't always the answer to help children with autism

Some children with autism spectrum disorder struggle with anxiety or have difficulty communicating in certain social situations. To help alleviate those struggles, researchers have studied various interventions, including ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

The science of a wandering mind

When psychologist Jonathan Smallwood set out to study mind-wandering about 25 years ago, few of his peers thought that was a very good idea. How could one hope to investigate these spontaneous and unpredictable thoughts that ...

Medical economics

New hope for easing stigma and isolation of hearing loss

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved regulations that will allow hearing aids to be sold over the counter as early as this fall, a move intended to broaden access to the devices, which only a fraction of the ...


Girls slip through the cracks due to 'referral bias,' says study

Young girls are just as likely to be living with language difficulties despite more boys being referred for support services, according to a new Curtin University-led study that seeks to shatter the "referral bias" and help ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Why do we like to play violent video games?

Video games aren't just a hobby for kids or teens. People of all ages and genders from all walks of life play them, and they're available in nearly every home, handbag and pocket around the world.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Safety first: How stigma may impact health

Where do you feel safe? And with whom? Where are the spaces in your life where you can truly relax, let your guard down, and not feel like a threat might be lurking?

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