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Will stem cell therapy help cure spinal cord injury?

A systematic survey of the scientific literature shows that stem cell therapy can have a statistically significant impact on animal models of spinal cord injury, and points the way for future studies.

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Mortality 38 percent for spinal cord injury tied to C-spine Fx

(HealthDay)—For older adults with spinal cord injuries (SCIs) related to cervical spine (C-spine) fractures, injury level and severity of SCI are risk factors for mortality, according to a study published in the August ...

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Etanercept seems beneficial in partial spinal cord injury

(HealthDay)—Treatment of rabbits with a partial spinal cord injury (SCI) with the intramuscularly-administered tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) inhibitor etanercept is associated with improved clinical and electrophysiological ...


Realizing the potential of stem cell therapy

New animal studies provide additional support for investigating stem cell treatments for Parkinson's disease, head trauma, and dangerous heart problems that accompany spinal cord injury, according to research findings released ...

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