Oncology & Cancer

Cancer and exercise during a pandemic

What options do cancer survivors have during a pandemic when there are limited in-person training options and reduced access to exercise facilities? With National Cancer Survivors Day on June 6, Marina Mourtzakis, a Kinesiology ...


Wearable tech set to tackle head injuries in sport

Wearable tech which measures and tracks head impact force in sport and recreational activities is set to aid research and support informed decisions on the risk of brain injury.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Ireland to begin easing virus restrictions next month

Ireland will start to lift a three-month coronavirus lockdown next month, prime minister Micheal Martin said Tuesday, even if many of the restrictions will remain in place until May.


Hardly any sports—but more physical activity during lockdown

In spring 2020, when soccer and sports clubs closed for sever-al weeks due to the Corona pandemic, children and adoles-cents looked for alternative physical activities. According to a supplementary study covering more than ...

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