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Exercise prescription: Pioneering the 'third pole' for clinical health management

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Professor Chen Shiyi's team at Huashan Hospital of Fudan University has commented on the concept, policy, development and prospect of exercise prescription in the context of "Health for All."

The work, titled "Exercise Prescription: Pioneering the 'Third Pole' for Clinical Health Management," is published in the journal Research.

Modern lifestyles have led to reduced physical activity and a rise in chronic diseases from a young age. Exercise has emerged as a key component in , not only integrating medical and sports models but also enhancing , treating and preventing chronic diseases, and improving the elderly's self-care abilities. Exercise, as a natural and side-effect-free treatment, has been proven effective against numerous chronic diseases.

Professor Chen Shiyi's team has found that exercise can enhance immunotherapy in treating certain cancers and slow down physiological aging. An increasing body of evidence suggests that exercise emerges as the "third pole" (which means sports medicine occupies a unique and indispensable position in clinical practice, and it is as important as medication and surgery).

Exercise prescriptions, akin to medical prescriptions, offer personalized exercise recommendations for treating or preventing diseases and enhancing physical fitness. These prescriptions, crafted by specialists, detail exercise types, frequency, intensity, and duration, catering to a wide range of individuals, from youths to the elderly, and those with .

The future of exercise prescriptions lies in their detailed and systematic application as comprehensive health management plans. Key development areas include personalized services, integration with modern medical equipment, professional training, and public awareness. As prescriptions gain traction, they are set to contribute significantly to public health, with China poised to cooperate with other countries in research globally.

More information: Zhiwen Luo et al, Exercise Prescription: Pioneering the "Third Pole" for Clinical Health Management, Research (2023). DOI: 10.34133/research.0284

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