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Gibraltar unlocks after mass vaccinations

Maskless people greet each other in the streets, friends gather for meals inside restaurants and sports fans once again attend live events.


Neuroscientists measure fans' reactions to the big game

Like everything else in 2020, Thanksgiving will be different this year. But there will still be football on TV, and if you catch any of the games, your brain will be processing them in ways you're probably unaware of. In ...

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When can sports fans safely fill stadiums again?

(HealthDay)—Sports fans are itching to watch their favorite teams return to play, but are jam-packed arenas even remotely safe in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic?

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Nations employ drastic tactics to fight microscopic foe

Tens of millions of students stayed home on three continents, security forces went on standby to guard against large gatherings of people, and bars, restaurants and offices closed Friday to slow the spread of the coronavirus ...


Study examines attitudes toward transgender athletes

As several states draft legislation that would force student-athletes to play as their gender identified on their birth certificate instead of on a team that matches their gender identity, a team of political scientists investigated ...

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