Updated guidelines on surgery for Crohn's disease

Although rates of surgery for Crohn's disease have decreased over the years, many patients still require surgical treatment - due to inadequate responses to medical therapy, severe attacks of acute colitis, and many other ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Treatment for diverticulitis: Updated ASCRS guidelines published

Reflecting research-driven changes in clinical practice, a revised set of evidence-based recommendations for the medical and surgical treatment of left-sided colonic diverticulitis has been published in Diseases of the Colon ...

Oncology & Cancer

Are older adults getting the most effective cancer treatments?

As people age, cancer becomes an increasing health concern. Solid cancer tumors are cancers that don't affect the blood and instead form tumors, or growths of abnormal cells in certain parts of the body. These solid cancer ...

Oncology & Cancer

New thesis on the childhood malignancy Ewing sarcoma

Asle Hesla from the group Orthopaedics will defend his thesis "Ewing Sarcoma—treatment, prognosis and late effects" on May 8th, 2020. Main Supervisor is Henrik Bauer.

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