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Multimodal AI model may guide personalized treatments for tuberculosis

A team of University of Michigan researchers has developed a multimodal AI model to predict treatment outcomes of tuberculosis (TB) patients. Their analysis of worldwide patient data may lead to personalization of TB treatment.

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Tobacco smoke exposure linked to increased risk of tuberculosis

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have identified a potential mechanism by which tobacco smoking drives a type of white blood cell known as monocytes to the lung where they can increase the risk of active ...

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Mozambique faces alarming multidrug-resistant tuberculosis epidemic

With one of the highest tuberculosis (TB) incidences (368 cases/100,000 population) in the African region, Mozambique is particularly affected by the TB epidemic. Drug-resistant TB is also a major problem, with 4,800 new ...

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Researchers find a chink in the armor of tuberculosis pathogen

Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) is the pathogen that causes tuberculosis (TB), the world's deadliest infectious disease. Mtb is so successful and harmful because it can adapt to different conditions inside our bodies, allowing ...

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Eradicating deadly tuberculosis with better tests and treatments

European researchers are tackling the world's most lethal infectious disease as part of efforts to end it by 2035. Dr. Cristina Vilaplana is a medical doctor passionate about helping patients with tuberculosis (TB). Her research ...


Common heartburn drugs could speed up tuberculosis treatment

Researchers have discovered that over-the-counter drugs commonly used to treat heartburn could shorten the treatment of tuberculosis (TB). These drugs could also reduce the chances of the bacteria that causes TB from becoming ...

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