Doctors overestimate success of multi-step medical procedures

Whether a woman is giving birth or a man is having a cancer biopsy, medical care is rarely straightforward. At any point, an unexpected complication can arise, particularly during treatments that require several steps.


Q&A: Brain aneurysms don't always require treatment

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My father had a fall recently. After a CT of his head, he was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. What is a brain aneurysm, and how is it treated? Am I at risk for a brain aneurysm?

Health informatics

Deep-learning technique predicts clinical treatment outcomes

When it comes to treatment strategies for critically ill patients, clinicians want to be able to consider all their options and timing of administration, and make the optimal decision for their patients. While clinician experience ...

Oncology & Cancer

Study: Prostate cancer treatment regret

More than one in 10 patients with localized prostate cancer experience treatment-related regret—a sense of disappointment with their treatment compared to other treatment options—according to a recent study published ...

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