Understanding the strong promotion of unhealthy food

Unhealthy food dominated the weekly grocery store flyers. As much as two thirds of the space was taken up by less healthy foods according to a study from the University of Gothenburg. The advertising does not seem to support ...


How commercial actors influence and impact health and society

Commercial actors can contribute positively to health and society, and many do, providing essential products and services. However, some of these actors are escalating avoidable levels of ill health, damage to the planet, ...


The world is hooked on junk food: How big companies pull it off

It is almost impossible nowadays to listen to the radio, watch TV or scroll through social media without being exposed to an advertisement telling us that all we need for a little happiness and love is a sugary drink or a ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

This is your brain on love

You walk into the room and see their face. They smile at you and look into your eyes. And just like that, your heart drops to your feet and you can't speak. At least, not coherently.

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