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Revealing global barriers to curative hep C treatment access

Almost 90% of the 57 million people living with hepatitis C live in low- and middle-income countries, but only half of these countries currently provide curative treatments at an accessible cost, according to a study by UNSW ...

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Detecting hepatitis viruses in wastewater

Hepatitis E is widespread among the population worldwide. The World Health Organization estimates that around 20 million people are infected with it every year.

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US syphilis cases continue to climb

U.S. cases of syphilis have soared past numbers seen just a decade ago, new government statistics show. The grim numbers are for 2022, the latest year for which an accurate tally is available.


Reviewing new challenges and opportunities for hepatitis B cures

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a significant public health problem, with over 296 million people chronically infected worldwide. Despite the availability of a safe and effective vaccine for over 40 years, HBV remains a leading ...

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How liver cells become scarring, and worse

Hepatic fibrosis occurs when scar tissue replaces damaged cells in the liver. Over time, accumulating scarring distorts the liver, interferes with its blood supply and may progressively lead to worsening consequences, from ...

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