Researchers identify novel factor in HIV transmission

University of Virginia School of Medicine researchers have found long-sought answers to questions about HIV transmission, and those findings could lead to new ways to prevent the disease's spread.

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Early warning of emerging infectious diseases based on multimodal data

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically increased the awareness of emerging infectious diseases. The advancement of multiomics analysis technology has resulted in the development of several databases containing virus information. ...

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New vaccine concept against SARS-CoV-2 successfully tested

Researchers at the University of Basel have developed a new approach for a vaccine against COVID-19. This vaccine is based on a modified coronavirus that can enter body cells and trigger an effective immune response but cannot ...

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WHO urges E. Guinea to report all Marburg cases

The World Health Organization urged Equatorial Guinea to report all Marburg virus cases to the WHO, amid fears that transmission may be more widespread than divulged, warning communities need alerting.

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