Psychology & Psychiatry

Training the brain to recognize voices

During the pandemic, people around the world have spent their lives in unusually quiet places—often at home, isolated or bubbled with family or friends. As restrictions ease in North America and parts of Europe, and people ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Why do we hate the sound of our own voices?

As a surgeon who specializes in treating patients with voice problems, I routinely record my patients speaking. For me, these recordings are incredibly valuable. They allow me to track slight changes in their voices from ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

What does your voice say about you?

Everyone has at some point been charmed by the sound of a person's voice: but can we believe our ears? What can a voice really reveal about our character? Now an international research team led by the University of Göttingen ...

Medical research

Study explains 'cocktail party effect' in hearing impairment

Plenty of people struggle to make sense of a multitude of converging voices in a crowded room. Commonly known as the "cocktail party effect," people with hearing loss find it's especially difficult to understand speech in ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Voicing your preferences for a mate—and more

Dear Health Men: You have talked about how a man's height and weight affect how he's treated, perceived and how much money he makes. What about the pitch of his voice?

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