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Harmful pollution boosting superbug 'silent pandemic'

Containing and cleaning up environmental pollution, especially in waterways, is crucial to controlling increasingly bullet-proof superbugs which could kill tens of millions by mid-century, a new UN report said Tuesday.

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XBB.1.5 could be dominant in Europe soon: health agency

Omicron subvariant XBB.1.5, which now accounts for a quarter of US Covid-19 cases, could become the dominant strain in Europe within a few months, the EU's disease agency said Friday.


Innovative AI solution to classify epileptic seizures

A team of researchers at INESC TEC and the University of Munich, including Carnegie Mellon Portugal (CMU Portugal) Ph.D. student Tamás Karácsony, tested an innovative solution to classify seizures, the main symptom of epilepsy, ...

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After three years, COVID 'here to stay'

While the World Health Organization hopes COVID-19 will soon no longer be considered a public health emergency, it has warned the virus itself is here to stay.

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WHO estimates 90% have some resistance to Covid

The WHO estimated Friday that 90 percent of the world population now had some resistance to Covid-19, but warned that a troubling new variant could still emerge.

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