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FDA warns of dangerous erections from ADHD drugs

The Food and Drug Administration is warning that a stimulant used in treatments for the childhood condition attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder can trigger painful, long-lasting erections in rare cases.

Breaking the link between ADHD and addiction

Adult sufferers of ADHD are two to three times more likely to experience substance abuse or dependence, but a research project which will map the genetic markers of the condition will help sever ties with ...

Study correlates ADHD and secondhand smoke

(Medical Xpress)—Duke Medicine has established a new research program to investigate the relationship between exposure to environmental tobacco smoke during pregnancy and childhood and attention deficit ...

Genetic discovery could increase understanding of ADHD

(Medical Xpress)—Scientists at Trinity College Dublin have discovered that a mutation in a single gene involved in the functioning of the brain's nervous system can lead to hyperactivity symptoms that are characteristic ...

CDC: More than one in 10 kids diagnosed with ADHD

(HealthDay)—More than one in 10 children and adolescents are diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), an increase of 42 percent in less than a decade, according to a study published ...

Surge in ADHD diagnoses gets a red flag

Doctors sounded a warning Tuesday over a rise in ADHD diagnoses, saying some children may be needlessly taking powerful drugs intended to correct a poorly understood disorder.

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