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Ironic Effects of Anti-Prejudice Messages

(Medical Xpress) -- Organizations and programs have been set up all over the globe in the hopes of urging people to end prejudice. According to a research article, which will be published in an upcoming issue of Psychological Sc ...

Jul 07, 2011
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To reduce prejudice, try subtlety: study

(Medical Xpress) -- A team led by University of Arizona researcher Jeff Stone sought to expand what is known about effective prejudice reduction strategies, finding that a key when confronted by a prejudiced individual is ...

May 09, 2011
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Losing the weight but not the stigma

(Medical Xpress) -- Obese people who lose weight will encounter far less social stigma and may even be seen as fitter than if they had been lean all along, but they may still face prejudice relating to how ...

Mar 09, 2012
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Prejudice (or foredeeming) is making a judgment or assumption about someone or something before having enough knowledge to be able to do so with guaranteed accuracy, or "judging a book by its cover". The word prejudice is most often used to refer to preconceived judgments toward people or a person because of race, social class, ethnicity, age, disability, obesity, religion, sexual orientation, or other personal characteristics. It also means beliefs without knowledge of the facts and may include "any unreasonable attitude that is unusually resistant to rational influence."

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