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Biomedical technology news

Biomedical technology

Researchers develop minimally invasive scaffold delivery system using dynamic thermoset polyurethane

Recently, researchers have developed an approach to deliver scaffolds in a minimally invasive manner through multidimensional morphing (one-dimensional to three-dimensional) by developing amphiphilic dynamic thermoset polyurethane ...

Health informatics

Deep leaning technology shows potential in photodynamic therapy

In contrast to traditional cancer treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, photodynamic therapy (PDT) is emerging as a novel method that uses specific wavelengths of light to activate photosensitizers. ...


New sweat monitoring device doesn't require physical activity

Sweat contains biomarkers that can monitor various health conditions, from diabetes to genetic disorders. Sweat sampling, unlike blood collection, is preferred by users due to its painless nature. However, to obtain sufficient ...


Next-gen knee training model heads for global markets

Successful co-design and testing of new synthetic knee models by Flinders University's Medical Device Research Institute is producing vital tools to help surgeons continue to practice and advance knee surgery methods.


Improving models to study the human heart

Northwestern Medicine scientists have developed a new method to measure and optimize the maturation process of cultured heart muscle cells, an approach that has the potential to set the future standard for a common cell model ...

Oncology & Cancer

Body's 'message in a bottle' delivers targeted cancer treatment

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have succeeded in delivering targeted cancer treatment via small membrane bubbles that our cells use to communicate. A study, "Antibody-displaying extracellular vesicles for ...


Unlocking the body's defenses: Understanding immunotherapy

In the battle against diseases, the human body boasts an intricate defense network capable of identifying and neutralizing threats—the immune system. It serves as a guardian, constantly patrolling the body to keep it safe ...


New technique to freeze brain tissue without harm

A team of medical researchers at the National Children's Medical Center, Children's Hospital, Fudan University, in China, has developed a technique to freeze and thaw brain tissue without causing damage.