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Cell Reports is an open-access journal from Cell Press that publishes high-quality papers across the entire life sciences spectrum. The primary criterion for publication in Cell Reports, as for all Cell Press journals, is new biological insight. Cell Reports publishes thought-provoking, cutting-edge research, with a focus on a shorter, single-point story, called a Report, in addition to a longer Article format. Cell Reports also publishes Resources, which highlight significant technical advances and/or major informational data sets.

Cell Press

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Decoding how the brain manages the appetite for salt and water

Staying hydrated and consuming appropriate amounts of salt is essential for the survival of terrestrial animals, including humans. The human brain has several regions constituting neural circuits that regulate thirst and ...

Oncology & Cancer

Why cancer immunotherapies don't work for everyone

A multi-institutional study co-authored by University of Texas at Arlington scientists uncovered a mechanism by which cancer cells prevent the immune system from activating and attacking the cancerous invaders.

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