Molecular Psychiatry

Molecular Psychiatry is a scientific journal published by Nature Publishing Group. It publishes papers in biological psychiatry and, e.g., about psychiatric genetics. With an impact factor of 15.407 the 2010 Journal Citation Reports ranked it 1 among 119 psychiatry journals and 5th among 237 neuroscience journals. Elsevier publishes a competing journal called Biological Psychiatry which broadly has similar scope. It is abstracted in:

Nature Publishing Group
United Kingdom
Impact factor
15.407 (2010)

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Psychology & Psychiatry

Study on serotonin and depression sparks fierce debate

A controversy in the scientific community over recent claims anti-depressants can be ineffective at treating depression has highlighted the difficulties in understanding mental health conditions.


Scientists identify genetic risk factors for opioid use disorder

A new human genomics study led by Yale scientists has identified genetic risk factors for opioid use disorder (OUD) and related substance use disorders according to a new large-scale genome-wide association study—increasing ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Cells that control hunger affect brain structure and function

The prefrontal cortex region of the human brain is responsible for a range of complex functions from decision-making to certain types of memory. When something goes wrong in this part of the brain, it can be very detrimental ...

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