Sunshine may shield children, young adults from MS

Living in sunny locations and spending time outdoors may raise the risk for skin cancer, but a new study led by UC San Francisco and the Australian National University shows that in children and young adults, sun exposure ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

A potential new approach for the treatment of schizophrenia

A new study led by Jeff Conn, Lee E. Limbird Chair in Pharmacology, James Maksymetz, a former graduate student in the Conn laboratory, and other collaborators at the Warren Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery has identified ...


Researchers uncover new findings about cluster headaches

Debilitating cluster headaches commonly begin in childhood, but patients are not typically diagnosed until they are adults, according to research from The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.


Efficient coding: How the brain optimizes allocation of resources

A collaboration between SISSA and the University of Pennsylvania indicates the existence of an efficient process of sensory coding in rats, suggesting a general principle for optimal use of computational resources. The study, ...

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