The dietary supplement genistein can undermine breast cancer treatment

September 23, 2008
Many supplements sold without a prescription and marketed to post-menopausal women include plant compounds, such as genistein, that can block the effectiveness of Letrozole, a breast cancer drug. Credit: Photo by L. Brian Stauffer, U. of I. News Bureau

Women taking aromatase inhibitors to treat breast cancer or prevent its recurrence should think twice before also taking a soy-based dietary supplement, researchers report.

Genistein, a soy isoflavone that mimics the effects of estrogen in the body, can negate the effectiveness of aromatase inhibitors, which are designed to reduce the levels of estrogens that can promote tumor growth in some types of breast cancer.

The new study, which included researchers from the University of Illinois, Virginia Polytechnic and State University and the National Center for Toxicological Research, appears in the journal Carcinogenesis.

Aromatase inhibitors are a mainstay of breast cancer treatment in post-menopausal women. These drugs work by interfering with the enzyme aromatase, which catalyzes a crucial step in converting precursor molecules to estradiol, the main estrogen in the body.

About two-thirds of all cases of breast cancer diagnosed in the U.S. are estrogen dependent or estrogen sensitive, which means that the tumors grow more rapidly in the presence of estrogen.

Most women diagnosed with breast cancer are post-menopausal, so their ovaries are no longer producing normal levels of estrogen. Other tissues, however, produce a steroid hormone, androstenedione (AD), which – with the help of aromatases – is converted to testosterone and estrogens. The estrogens produced from AD can stimulate the growth of some types of breast cancer tumors.

The researchers conducted several trials in a mouse model of estrogen-dependent post-menopausal breast cancer. First, they gave the mice AD, which was converted to estrogen and created a high estrogen environment.

This helped the researchers determine the maximum growth rate of the breast cancer tumors.

Next, they added Letrozole, an aromatase inhibitor widely prescribed to post-menopausal women with estrogen-dependent breast cancer. This treatment (Letrozole) effectively blocked the effects of AD and the breast cancer tumors stopped growing.

But when they added genistein (a plant estrogen or "phytoestrogen" present in many dietary supplements) to the mix, the researchers observed a dose-dependent reduction in the effectiveness of the breast cancer drug. Specifically, the tumors began to grow again. They grew fastest at the highest dietary doses of genistein.

"To think that a dietary supplement could actually reverse the effects of a very effective drug is contrary to much of the perceived benefits of soy isoflavones, and unsettling," said William Helferich a professor of food science and human nutrition at Illinois and principal investigator on the study. "You have women who are taking these supplements to ameliorate post-menopausal symptoms and assuming that they are as safe as consuming a calcium pill or a B vitamin."

Many women take genistein supplements to control hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause. The researchers found that the doses commonly available in dietary supplements were potent enough to negate the effectiveness of aromatase inhibitors.

"These compounds have complex biological activities that are not fully understood," Helferich said. "Dietary supplements containing soy-based phytoestrogens provide high enough dosages that it could be a significant issue to breast cancer patients and survivors."

Plant estrogens from soy are not the only ones of concern, Helferich said. In a recent study, he and his colleagues found that certain mixtures of estrogenic botanical components and extracts marketed as supplements to assist "female libido enhancement" and sold without a prescription appeared to spur breast cancer tumor growth at low doses, while having no effect on tumors at high doses.

That study appeared last year in Food and Chemical Toxicology.

"We are just starting to understand the complex effects of the dietary supplements that contain phytoestrogens," Helferich said. "There is an ongoing human experiment in which the outcome is unknown. These findings raise serious concerns about the potential interaction of the estrogenic dietary supplements with current breast cancer therapies."

Source: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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not rated yet Feb 13, 2009
Obama Appoints High Profile Sanjay Gupta as Surgeon General
In order to Support HMO Insurance Based %u201CHealth Plans%u201D
Rather than Veterans Administration Socialized Medicine
And to Campaign for Planned Banning of Dietary Supplements!

Obama has appointed CNN TV doctor Sanjay Gupta to provide high profile support for the criminal parasite HMO insurance based health plans rather than the extremely high quality system used by the Veterans Administration (VA), which is socialized medicine. The VA was initially de-funded by the Bush Regime and more than 20 VA hospitals were threatened with closure. Support for the VA by Obama will not him to make Medicare and Medicaid like the VA! And the capitalists plan to open a full court press against Dietary Supplements targeting especially megadoses of Antioxidants. Coenzyme Q10, for example, is documented to double the lifespan of experimental animals! The activity level of the oldest animals is reportedly equal to that of the youngest! This is totally covered up. The 2 Principal Investigators on Coenzyme Q10 have been targeted. Karl Folkers, the former Chairman of the yearly International Symposium on the BioMedical and Clinical Aspects of Coenzyme Q10 was apparently murdered on his return from Sweden in 1997 after chairing the most recent conference and his colleague Emile A. Bliznakov, M.D. the author of the highly suppressed book %u201CMiracle Nutrient Coenzyme Q10,%u201D who has sent this writer documentation that he is being paid off not to write a second edition, is in hiding in Pompano Beach, Florida. Karl Folkers was 91 years old but he sounded strong and as healthy as a horse when this writer spoke to him just before he left to chair that 1997 conference! ! Folkers told this writer he was taking 200 mg of CoQ10. No cause of death was given, but because he is the point man for CoQ10 and longevity he was undoubtedly given a CIA %u201Cheart attack%u201D as was the fate of a significant percentage of eyewitnesses to the John Kennedy Assassination in Dealey Plaza, eighteen of whom were dead within 3 years. As a notation at the end of the 1973 Film %u201CExecutive Action%u201D: %u201CIn the three years after the murders of John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald eighteen material witnesses died, 6 by gunfire, 3 by motor accidents, 2 by suicide, 1 by a cut throat, 1 by a karate chop to the neck, 3 by heart attacks, 2 from natural causes. An actuary engaged by the London Sunday Times (Lloyds of London) concluded: On November 22, 1963, the odds of all those witnesses being dead by Feb. 1967 are one hundred thousand trillion to one.%u201D The CIA heart attack is also described in the movie %u201CThe Parallax View%u201D

The Capitalists Intend to try to Use Obama and the Democratic Majority in Congress to Run a
Full Court Press to Try to Outlaw the Majority of Dietary Supplements, Especially Megadosing
Of Antioxidants Because Antioxidants Have Been Demonstrated in Hundreds of Carefully
Controlled Scientific Studies Over Decades to be Beneficial in Cancer, Heart Disease and to
Extend Human Lifespan by up to 30% or more! Coenzyme Q10 has been found to Double Life
Span in Experimental Animals with Activity Level of the Oldest Animals equal to the Youngest!

Using their false guise as %u201Cthe friend of the people%u201D and the %u201Cpeoples%u2019 protector,%u201D the capitalists%u2019 also intend to use Obama, Sanjay Gupta and the Democratic control of Congress to try to abolish the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, which allowed the U.S. masses to extend their life span through taking dietary supplements. In addition to waging both economic and biological warfare (see below) against the masses in order to reduce the population by bringing people to an earlier death, the capitalists have implemented the Codex Alimentarius, a United Nations protocol adopted by many countries including the United States and all countries of the European Union, which abolishes in some cases and severely restricts in others the right of people to take herbs and dietary supplements, especially megadoses of antioxidants, which have shown to be beneficial in cancer, heart disease and to extend lifespan of experimental animals up to 40%. One nutrient, Coenzyme Q10, is documented to double the mean life expectancy of experimental animals, with the activity level of the oldest animals equal to that of the youngest. (Coenzyme Q, the Immune System and Aging by Emil G. Bliznakov, 1981 Elsevier/North Holland Biomedical Press.) Coenzyme Q10 is found in all cells of the body; low amounts are associated with aging and disease states of bioenergetics from congestive heart failure (CHF) to several cancers. Hundreds of scientific papers are deliberately hidden by publishing them all together in such totally obscure journals such as the Clinical Investigator and Molecular Aspects of Medicine and only rarely in mainstream medical journals document that both CHF and metastatic breast cancer in women, e.g., are completely reversed with megadoses of CoQ10! This is covered up and downplayed even by dietary supplement industry because they want to sell a lot more than just CoQ10! (See below.)

The so-called World Trade Organization (WTO) has adopted the Codex Alimentarius and in 2004 abolished virtually all dietary supplements in the Europe Union through the European Food Supplement Directive, although it is still supposedly being fought in the courts of those countries by pathetically going through the motions. WTO regulations specify that no member country can have a law which is in conflict with a WTO regulation, and on that basis and the recently concocted false claims based on entirely fraudulent %u201Cstudies%u201D and %u201Creports%u201D (see below) the United States government intends to try to abolish the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), approved by Congress under unanimous popular demand and to arbitrarily ban and/or severely restrict virtually all dietary supplements in the United States in 2006-2007! In the United States the Democrats were initially chosen by the capitalists to try to overturn the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 because their constituency trusts the Democrats slightly more than the Republicans due to the Democrats%u2019 previous historical support of the New Deal and Social Programs, support which polls document has largely eroded and which exists now only for demagogic purposes of deceiving the masses. In 2003 the Democrats introduced the so-called Dietary Supplement "Safety" Act (S.722), the purpose of which is to essentially act as a first step to gradually render void the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA).

S.722 defined %u201Cadverse dietary supplement experience%u201D as %u201Can adverse event that is associated with the use of a dietary supplement in a human, without regard to whether the event is known to be causally related to the dietary supplement.%u201D (!) This was done in order to provide the basis for the false claims later reported by the FDA American Association of Poison Control Centers in the New York Times (see below). Because of the widespread public protest against that pending legislation and in order for the FDA to build up a %u201Cdata base%u201D of false reports (see below) actual passage of that legislation was put on hold until the Democrats again took control of Congress. After the Democrats%u2019 %u201Cvictory%u201D in the 2006 Midterm elections, the Democrats, in order to insure %u201Cbipartisan support%u201D and easier passage by the Fascist Usurper Bush (see further below), chose Republicans Peter Roskam (R-IL) and Charles Grassley (R-IA), backed by Durbin and McCain, to start the ball rolling by introducing bills (H.R. 1249 and S.762) in order to try falsely classify DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) as an anabolic steroid and controlled substance, which according to definition in the U.S government%u2019s own Medline Medical Dictionary, it is neither.

In January 2007 the FDA American Association of Poison Control Centers released a completely fraudulent Big Lie so-called %u201Cnational data base%u201D entirely constructed of whole cloth, which falsely claimed %u201C1.6 million adverse reactions (!), 125,595 poisonings (!) and 230 deaths (!) due to dietary supplements from 1983 to 2004%u201D (!) (See: The New York Times %u201CScience Section%u201D, January 16, 2007 and CBS Nightly News with Miss Goody Two Shoes Katie Couric, January 15, 2007), when the reality is that there have been no deaths whatsoever directly caused by dietary supplements alone!

Only on February 2, 2007, 2 weeks later, did an obscure %u201CCorrection%u201D appear on the bottom of page F6 of the New York Times so-called %u201CScience Section,%u201D stating that the previously reported number of %u201Cpoisonings%u201D referred only to reported %u201Cexposures%u201D (!) and that the %u201CNational Poison Control database %u201Cdoes not even have a category for poisoning incidents!%u201D %u201CExposures!%u201D (!) That sounds almost as bad! The database then claims that all it does report is the category of %u201Cexposures and adverse reactions for various dietary supplements, which are not defined nor verified as being caused by dietary supplements!%u201D This is the actual contrived, fraudulent %u201Cdefinition%u201D in the S. 722 legislation! (See above.) The entire incident%u2014releasing the initial Big Lie report designed as a provocation to terrorize and confuse the maximum number of people and raise the fear level of dietary supplements, which is then followed by the obscure retraction (%u201Ccorrection%u201D) which few people see, is a standard media technique used to brainwash the masses used in all areas of politics in addition to dietary supplements.

Actually the lone death due to vitamins intake up to 1994 was due to Vitamin A due to eating Polar Bear liver%u2014not vitamin pills! In 2003 it was covered up by the media but later blipped briefly that the death of Baltimore Orioles pitcher Steve Belcher, which was supposedly due to taking the herb Ephedra was actually due to heat stroke when he collapsed with a core temperature of 106 degrees Fahrenheit in Florida. Belcher had a previous of heat stroke in high school, which heightens the probability of reoccurrences; he was overweight, unfit and unacclimatized. He also had pre-existing hypertension and liver problems and had a family history of sudden death from exercise (his half-brother died at age 20 of an aneurysm while playing baseball). He had not eaten solid food for 2 days to try to lose weight and took 3 capsules every morning, which could not possibly have raised the core temperature to 106. This fraud is all the U.S. government could come up with up until 2003 to attack dietary supplements as %u201Cdangerous%u201D and now we are asked to suspend disbelief in another Big Lie with their false claim of 230 deaths due to dietary supplements! The truth is that dietary supplements alone have caused no deaths whatsoever!

Such information on claimed %u201Cdeaths%u201D due to %u201Cdietary supplement poison%u201D would have been released on the spot whenever they occurred if they had actually occurred, but they did not occur, and the U.S. government knows that they did not occur. There is a zero mortality rate for dietary supplement versus prescription drugs which kill over 100,000 people in the U.S. alone every year due to known %u201Cside effects.%u201D But the Codex Alimentarius is not really being implemented merely for drug company profits or control, but for political/demographic objectives to bring an increasing number of the population to an earlier death by depriving the masses of dietary supplements which keep them healthy and extend their life in that part of the world where there is no overt starvation, but where a significant percentage of people are forced to eat McDonalds. On the other hand no diet alone, restriction diet or otherwise, will double lifespan. (See further below.) Media focus on restriction diets is for the sole purpose of diverting attention from megadoses of antioxidants, especially Coenzyme Q10, combined with interval training and no meat in the diet, an approach which can double lifespan.

The legislation known as the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) attracted the greatest citizen/constituent input of any legislation for that year, and since. That input by the U.S. population overwhelmingly supported the right of Americans to take dietary supplements without undue interference and regulation of the FDA and or control by the pharmaceutical industry or any other government agency. Prior to and in support of passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act in 1994 this writer, a physician and medical researcher by training, sent all 535 Members of Congress a copy of a review paper he authored on antioxidants based on the review of over 330 papers and abstracts. Library research by this writer revealed 2 bodies of literature in one! The overwhelming majority of research papers for over 50 years have supported the use of antioxidants in heart disease, cancer and longevity. However, a tiny number of papers all written by the same small group of individuals ruthlessly attacked antioxidants. The conclusions asserted in this latter group of papers were clearly unsupported, faulty on numerous bases, unquestionably biased and false and deliberately fraudulent. Vitamin C and Vitamin E, were demonstrated in the overwhelming majority of papers to be able to increase mean life span by up to 30% or more and Coenzyme Q-10 doubled mean life expectancy in one paper. This writer has been taking megadoses of antioxidants ever since he has been 14 years old and today looks over 20 years younger than his 65 years. Based on his findings and comprehensive review of the literature on antioxidants and his own personal experience in 2004 this writer requested and was effectively denied the right to appear before the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions and Commerce Committee and give testimony concerning that legislation sponsored by Senators Durbin, McCain, Clinton, Harkin, Feinstein and Schumer.

In order to provide a false pretext and provide a false momentum to try to ban megadoses of antioxidants and restrict the use of DHEA and herbs and other dietary supplements taken by millions of people this year and next in the United States, the capitalists have carried out in the last several years a series of large heavily hyped but mostly deliberately uncontrolled deliberately fraudulent studies on older populations with multiple organ disease, which did not use properly significant amounts of antioxidants and other dietary supplements. These studies heavily-hyped by the capitalist media were deliberately contrived Frauds%u2014not %u201Cflawed%u201D or %u201CDangerously Dumb%u201D as falsely claimed by the loyal, fake opportunist so-called %u201Copposition,%u201D such as Julian Whitaker, Gary Null, Stephen Sinatra, William Falloon, etc. terms which are deliberately designed to attribute good faith to those Fascists who carry out deliberately fraudulent extremely large and virtually totally uncontrolled Studies.%u201D These fake opposition figures from Julian Whitaker to Gary Null to the obsequious William Falloon of %u201CLife Extension,%u201D who write well-documented articles and even books supporting the use of dietary supplements, are all part of the capitalist system and all want their piece of the pie if the U.S. government actually succeeds in banning dietary supplements. These scoundrels who go through the motions of %u201Copposition%u201D are just as guilty as the politicians and drug companies, who want to ban dietary supplements. Gary Null, Julian Whitaker Stephen Sinatra and William Falloon are millionaire capitalists themselves or their front men and calculate that they will still be able to sell whatever useless items the capitalists still might permit to be sold if the government succeeds in banning megadose antioxidants and other dietary supplements!

Despite the fact that the dietary supplement industry has deliberately omitted all mention of the primary political/demographic (population reduction) motive for the capitalists%u2019 attacks on dietary supplements, Life Extension and Health and Healing have published excellent referenced refutations of the various fraudulent %u201Cstudies%u201D attacking antioxidants and other dietary supplements. For example see: http://www.lef.or...07Wk17-2&key=archive. The capitalists are attempting to set the stage to ban dietary supplements one after the other on the bases of these contrived, clumsily fraudulent so-called %u201Cstudies,%u201D which have attacked virtually every major dietary supplement with the Big Lie conclusion that they are either useless or even dangerous! See above! See also the ridiculous Wall Street Journal, March 20, 2006, full front page/2 page broadside in the B Section falsely labeled %u201CThe Case Against Vitamins.%u201D Even more absurd was the recent fraudulent claim that %u201CLow-Fat Diet Does Not Cut Health Risks Study Finds,%u201D front page New York Times, February 8, 2006, where the studies participants maintained a 29% fat level in their diet while controls maintained a statistically insignificant 35%. (!) Talk about fraudulent studies! Although the analysis of dietary supplements might appear to be a small issue in comparison with the other matters analyzed here it is significant in that it demonstrates that capitalism is fundamentally based on war and mass murder at every level and will leave no stone unturned in expression of that dialectic and furthermore demonstrates that only a Socialist Revolution in the United States can permanently end such threats to peoples%u2019 security at every level and guarantee a world with a sustainable future.


In the background is also the matter of Vaccinosis. Vaccinosis is a clinical syndrome which results from multiple vaccination and is expressed in 2 ways: 1.) Cancer, where the immune system is weakened, and 2.) Autoimmune Disease, where the immune system is damaged in a way that causes the body to attack itself. An example of the latter includes autism in children. While vaccination against Polio and tetanus, along with Rubella vaccination especially for girls so they do not develop German measles during pregnancy, all may be justified and have not been generally associated with an increased amount of autoimmune disease or cancer, Autism in children is indeed associated with the increased vaccination of children for childhood diseases (especially with polyvalent vaccines) including mumps, measles, chickenpox and whooping cough, which heretofore always provided immunity for life in an era when there was virtually no autism! Routine Smallpox vaccination was halted in 1972 when it was claimed the risks of complications from the vaccination outweighed the threat of the disease. That is clearly the case today with multiple and polyvalent vaccinations of children and everyone else for every conceivable organism except the organisms which cause pandemics which the U.S.-led Biowarfare criminals want to use to reduce specific populations (AIDS) or the population in general (Bird Flu). But the U.S. government deliberately continues with these life-shortening multiple and polyvalent vaccinations for the very same reason that they are now designing a World Pandemic Bird Flu Virus%u2014to bring people to an earlier death%u2014to %u201Csolve the overpopulation demographic%u201D in the capitalist way.

To take it to ridiculous on February 22, 2006 the falsely named Center for Disease Control and Prevention%u2019s immunization advisory committee has now recommended (by unanimous vote%u2014no disagreement is tolerated in this club!) that all children between 6 months and 5 years old should be vaccinated against influenza. That means every child in this age group will be compelled to undergo flu vaccination every year! Look for an enormous increase in autoimmune disease and cancer in those who receive these vaccinations, which of course are to be added to the other vaccinations they are now forced to receive as mentioned above! The claim that 153 children in this age group died in 2003-2004 from flu is a false argument for vaccination when they do not describe the circumstances of those deaths and other complicating factors, which could have contributed to the fatal outcome, and when they know that a far higher percentage will go on to develop life-shortening autoimmune disease and cancer as current statistics also reveal! Which happens to be their objective! Recall that the so-called Center for Disease Control is where the capitalists brag in the March 23, 2005 Wall Street Journal that they have created their human-to-human strain of the H5N1 Bird Flu virus and the Reconstructed 1918 Spanish Flu virus, either or both of which they are about to release in their planned Biowarfare Bird Flu Pandemic. See above.

Autism, now found in every 150 children (!), (ABC News, November 1, 2007) may be aggravated by the mercury preservatives in vaccines but it is definitely not the main cause. It is the vaccinations themselves. Especially multiple, bivalent and trivalent vaccinations! This is very easy to see in cats and dogs incidentally which have a history of yearly combination trivalent vaccinations for distemper (panleukopenia), rhinotracheitis and calicivirus, etc., the majority begin to develop either cancer or autoimmune disease like clockwork and die when they are about 11 to13 years old or even before. And the overwhelming majority of Veterinarians many of whom know about vaccinosis, go along with it because 1.) yearly combination vaccinations bring in customers, 2) they get paid for treating the diseases caused by vaccinosis (!) and 3.) they are simply unethical and take their lead from the capitalist system itself which is doing the same thing to humans where the result is also the objective! The recent February 12, 2009 false decision by the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C. that vaccines don%u2019t cause autism is just more cover-up of cause and effect which has actually been firmly documented: childhood vaccination is the chief cause of autism in those who are genetically susceptible. A good reference to learn about Vaccinosis is Pitcairn is the well-known Veterinarian/author who has worked in research and private practice for years. Also check vaccinosis on your search engine.

William H. Depperman, Coordinator
United Front Against Racism
And Capitalism-Imperialism
Union Square Park
New York, N.Y. 10003
February 13, 2009

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