Should childhood vaccination be mandatory?

May 15, 2012

In the British Medical Journal today, two experts debate whether childhood vaccination should be mandatory in the UK.

Paul Offit, Chief of at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia believes that mandatory vaccination is needed to protect vulnerable people from infection.

He argues that, when parents choose not to vaccinate, not only are they making a choice for their own children, they are also making a choice for those with whom their children come into contact. This includes children who are too young to receive vaccines and those who can't be vaccinated and depend on those around them to be protected.

Which is paramount: the freedom to make bad health decisions or the right of the community to protect itself from those decisions, he asks?

In the United States, mandatory vaccination clearly increases uptake, he says. For example, unlike the UK and Europe, the US didn't suffer a epidemic after claims of a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. And in 2011, most of the 200 measles cases in the US were linked to European travel.

"Someday we may live in a world that doesn't scare patients into making bad ," he concludes. "Until then, mandates are the best way to ensure protection from illnesses that have caused so much needless suffering and death."

But David Salisbury, Director of Immunisation at the UK Department of Health, argues that there are more workable ways to ensure high uptake.

He points out that between 1998 and 2010, the peak age for measles cases in England and Wales was less than five years, so if vaccination were made compulsory for school entry, the law would be coming into effect after many infections had occurred.

He believes that can be raised by improving immunisation services and argues that, even after the MMR scare, compulsory vaccination "was never considered" and "would probably have made matters much worse."

He also highlights that in the US, exemptions to mandatory vaccination for school entry can be as high as 20% and the rate is increasing.

"When coverage is already high and rising, target diseases are under excellent control (although measles could be better), and parental acceptance for is high, compulsion seems a heavy hammer," he writes. "Compulsion would be unenforceable, unnecessary, and its use would probably do more harm than good."

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not rated yet May 16, 2012
Health is not created by injection of chemicals, it is derived through a lifetime of pure, whole foods, unadulterated water, adequate rest and exercise. Vaccination does not work - ask any of the hundreds, fully vaccinated, who have pertussis or measles or chicken pox - they did not get sick because the person next to them did not vaccinate, they got sick because the vaccines do not prevent the diseases! On the bright side, because they got sick, their natural immunity will prevent it from happening again. It is a sad era for PhRMA, who was planning a feast on the fattened vaccine cash-cow...Now, what will it take for all those who were killed or others who are struggling with life-long disability as a result of PhRMA's "unavoidably unsafe" vaccines to receive compensation for the harm done to them?!

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