Many future health professionals drink too much alcohol

A new study found that 43% of nursing students indulge in hazardous alcohol consumption, with 14.9% of men and 18.7% of women meeting criteria for hazardous drinkers.

Hazardous drinkers were more likely to be young, to smoke, and to live outside the family nucleus.

"Alcohol-prevention activities should envisage greater protection of university settings, particularly where future health professionals are involved," wrote the authors of the Journal of Advanced Nursing study.

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More information: Rabanales Sotos J., López Gonzalez Á., Párraga Martínez I., Campos Rosa M., Simarro Herraez M.J. & López-Torres Hidalgo J. (2014) Prevalence of hazardous drinking among nursing students. Journal of Advanced Nursing 00(0), 000–000. DOI: 10.1111/jan.12548
Journal information: Journal of Advanced Nursing

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