She's not interested in sex but he thinks she is

She thinks friends, he thinks sex
Women and men misunderstand each other all around the world, even in Norway, one of the most gender-equal, sexually liberal countries in the world.

Imagine the following scenario: a woman and a man are having a conversation. She is interested in the conversation, and is friendly, smiling and warm. He interprets her behavior as sexual interest.

Or maybe: a man is sexually attracted to a woman he has just met, and signals this in various ways. She thinks that he is just being friendly.

Recognize these situations? If so, you're not alone.

We misunderstand each other

In a recent study at the Department of Psychology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), women reported that often misinterpret their signals of friendliness as sexual interest. Conversely, the men in the study reported that women often misinterpret their signals of sexual interest as friendliness.

"The results are no surprise, seen from an evolutionary perspective," researcher Mons Bendixen explains. "The fascinating thing is that our results are identical to a study done in the USA, even though Norway is one of the most gender-equal, sexually liberal countries in the world."

In most areas of psychology, there is little to no difference between genders: mental capacity, intellectual achievements, food preferences—men and women are all more or less the same. But when it comes to reproduction and challenges related to finding a sexual partner, there are suddenly differences to be found.

Evolutionary psychology is the study of how the human mind has evolved, developed and adapted over time. One thing that evolutionary psychologists are specifically interested in is gendered sexual psychology between cultures and social groups. Seen through the lens of , we can better understand why men often wrongly assume that women who smile and laugh during conversation may want to sleep with them.

Men can't be picky

A man's ability to reproduce is all about seizing every opportunity. He has to spend both money and time on courtship, which still may not lead to sex. But it costs even more to not try, because then he won't be able to reproduce.

"A man's reproductive fitness, meaning the amount offspring he produces, is dependent on how many women he is able to make pregnant. But that's not how it works for women," Bendixen explains.

A woman can have sex with multiple men over a short period of time without producing any more children. So for men, it is a low-risk, potentially high-reward situation for men to have sex with women whenever the opportunity presents itself.

On the other hand, the cost is potentially great for a woman if she thinks that a man is more sexually interested than she is. A woman risks pregnancy, birth, nursing and raising the child, as well as lost oppotunities to reproduce with others. Across thousands of generations, women's psychology has evolved to set the bar higher, which means they need much clearer signals than men before they consider sex.

"Even though these processes aren't conscious, we can still empirically measure the results," Bendixen says.

Similar to an American study

The recent study at NTNU included 308 heterosexual participants between the ages of 18 and 30. Fifty-nine per cent of participants were women.

The participants were all heterosexual because sexual intercourse between men and women is necessary for reproduction. Half of the women and 40 per cent of the men were in relationships. The questions were identical to questions asked in a similar American study from 2003. Here are a few examples:

Have you ever been friendly to a person of the opposite gender, and had your actions interpreted as sexual interest? If yes, how many times has this happened?

Have you ever been sexually attracted to someone and shown interest, and had the other person misinterpret your signals as friendliness? If yes, how many times has this happened?

Men misinterpret most often

The results show that both men and women find that their social signals are misinterpreted by the opposite sex. Women in the study answered that they had acted friendly towards a man and had this misinterpreted as sexual interest about 3.5 times over the past year on average. The men in the study also reported having been misinterpreted by the opposite sex in this way, but far less often.

The results also show that men rarely misinterpret women who actually do signal . The study shows that this is independent of whether or not the person is in a steady relationship or not.

Bedixen points out that Norway is considered to be one of the most gender-equal countries in the world. The USA, on the other hand, where a similar study was done in 2003, is ranked as 20th on the World Economic Forum's list for equality around the world.

"The fact that the hypothesis in evolutionary psychology is supported even when the study is in a society where gender equality is strong, weakens alternative claims that the social roles of men and in different cultures determine their psychology in these situations," he says.

Does not excuse sexual harassment

Researchers at the Department of Psychology are now going to use data collected from to see if the results of this study are also valid for people aged 16-19, and if these miscommunications might lead to sexual harassment.

"Even though evolutionary psychology and our findings can help account for some sexually inappropriate behavior in men, it doesn't mean that evolutionary psychologists defend this happening. Measures can be taken to prevent . It will help if we just teach men that a woman who laughs at your jokes, stands close, or touches your arm at a party doesn't mean that she's sexually interested, even if you think she is," Bendixen says.

Explore further

The ideal age of sexual partners is different for men and women

More information: Mons Bendixen (2014) Evidence of Systematic Bias in Sexual Over- and Underperception of Naturally Occurring Events: A Direct Replication of Haselton (2003) in a More Gender-Equal Culture. Evolutionary Psychology, 12(5), 1004-1021.
Journal information: Evolutionary Psychology

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Jan 29, 2015
You left out the most important part. Woman spend hours putting on makeup and tight clothing to make them feel good about there self, to make them feel attractive. Lots of woman don't even eat right to make sure there attractive. So now you blame men for having mixed signals when there instantly attracted to a woman that does all this. go figure!

Jan 29, 2015
For a moment I though they were talking only about me??? Every time I am near a gorgeous woman I am already having sex with her in my mind. Who needs a conversation with the presence so near one self? I just love their surrounding.

Jan 29, 2015
Women benefit materially by confusing sexual interest with "friendliness." How much does a woman benefit to realize that most men only talk to her in an effort to get laid?

Jan 29, 2015
I hate how my reptilian brain objectifies women. They are so much more than that (usually). Unfortunately, they also make beautiful objects :-\

Jan 29, 2015
"The results also show that men rarely misinterpret women who actually do signal sexual interest. The study shows that this is independent of whether or not the person is in a steady relationship or not."

That's because men are hard wired to get it up as fast as they can, unless they want to miss an opportunity. Unconsciously reproduction is in there somewhere, but mostly it's conscious lust. Can they put their dick in someone? Then they will! If you change the sexuality to M-M rather than M-F, it's basically the same even without the unconscious reproductive angle.

Jan 29, 2015
A no is a no is a no.

Don't quote me though.*

*Said the Plagiarist

Jan 29, 2015
First thing I want to see is the data from the study of the thousands of generations of humanity showing this social evolution. What rubbish. This is a study of self-reports. More rubbish. Oh, and by the way, this finding isn't "defending" genocide simply because the USA ranks so low. I mean, 20th place must be orders of magnitude lower than 1st place, right? I'm sure the authors have carefully defined what "sexual harassment" is, exactly. Just so we're clear: physical touching isn't "intimacy" and wouldn't be interpreted (coming from a non-intimate) as an invitation? OK! I guess we'll have to tell the "handsies" in the workplace that its ok to touch others without invitation. Garbage.

Jan 31, 2015
"... teach men that a woman who laughs at your jokes, stands close, or touches your arm at a party doesn't mean that she's sexually interested, even if you think she is,"

And if that is taught then the other side of it should be mandatory, i.e.... what does a woman do that means she IS sexually interested.

Jan 31, 2015
That's why homosexual men are happier people. They aren't called gay for nothing. With one each other is easy to spot, clear signs, and always available for sex, that couldn't be said to heterosexual men.

Feb 01, 2015
"... teach men that a woman who laughs at your jokes, stands close, or touches your arm at a party doesn't mean that she's sexually interested, even if you think she is,"

And if that is taught then the other side of it should be mandatory, i.e.... what does a woman do that means she IS sexually interested.

It's to the point in the U.S. the feminist, a-sexual women ruin the natural order of life.
There was this online dating instruction page one time which I read, and I was like, "this woman is an idiot."

Don't compliment a woman.
Don't mention sex....why date or marry someone if you can't express sexual interest in them?

If a woman doesn't want to talk about sex she shouldn't be on a dating site. She should go join a convent and quit wasting the mens' time and money.

a guy doesn't owe a woman a weeks income worth of meals and gifts just to say hello to her.

Nothing wrong with gifts, but western women abuse the dating model just to get free meals on friday.

Feb 01, 2015
If she's cold and asexual when you first meet her, and she's trying to impress guys more than the other girl, then there's a good chance she's going to be cold and asexual later on when she's no longer doing anything to impress you.

The moderator should ban women like that from a dating site, because they don't want to be in love. They want something that should never be placed on any man.

As for chance meetings, like this article describes, well guess what honey?
Speak up. This is the real world. You're a woman, h e's a guy. If you've been talking a while and your not interested you should ether say so or end the conversation.

Guys don't typically stop and talk to strange, unmarried women just for the hell of it. They are interested.

Feb 01, 2015
Men don't "misinterpret".

Women in western civilization don't speak plainly and in many cases even blatantly lie about their expectations. Then wonder why some guys end up with screwed up views of women.

The "You better give me a hug," Friend Zone hug...Hug a guy when their trying to blow him off.

That isn't the guy's fault. That is a wrong signal sent by the woman, and if a guy hasn't had it happen to him before he doesn't know what it means, and it hurts like hell, cuz I've been there. Lot of guys have, some lucky ones maybe haven't.

That is worse than an outright rejection.

She initiated a physical, potential escalation and didn't make her intentions clear.

That is common, and it is clearly the woman's fault, because the man has no way of knowing what her intentions are unless she specifically says so, but if he doesn't take it as an escalation he risks losing an opportunity to build a relatonship with a willing woman...

So the man loses either way in scenario.

Feb 01, 2015
One of the oldest stories in literature, the story of Joseph being falsely accused in the Bible, by Potiphar's wife.

Somebody saw it then and wrote it down.

Initiated by the woman, blamed on the man.

I do not believe the reported cases of "rape" in women surveys in the United States.

I have said it before, I know it's pretty damn bad, but if it was really as high as surveys of women from 18 to 45 allege, the civilization wouldn't even be holding itself together.

Hey women:

I have a penis and you have a vagina, and if that offends you just because I made that clear, then fuuuuuUUUUck you, since you seem to have forgotten how nature works.

You'll pass up the guy who was trying to be decent to you, so you can marry an ex-con and get abused by him for the rest of your life, because you thought he looked cool.


I've watched it happen in some cases.

person be on a "Christian" dating site, meet a "good" guy and turn him down...

Feb 01, 2015 the wrong guy, get married, get divorced 2 years later, and they are back on the same site making the same mistake again.

That is her fault absolutely just as much as it is that bastard's fault. Hell she might well have been the one at fault for the divorce. She might be even worse than him.

get over yourself.

I believe everyone is priceless morally, but you aren't "worth" that.

Just because a guy wants sex doesn't mean he doesn't want real love too, or at least as close as humans can have.

The western women are dumb as rocks sometimes, I swear.

Feb 01, 2015
You don't knwo what that feels like to spend $50 on an American dating site and put up with 200 con artists contacts 50 asexual that don't respond, and the one person who does respond hates you.

Go on a foriegn site and post a photo and less than 10 lines of text, and 50 women respond within 2 days without you even doing anything, and have hours long conversation with several of them, that they initiated....from a country that I was basically raised to think was "evil" because of their system of government.

I've been BETRAYED by my own country and my own country's culture and my own country's women. literally BETRAYED.

You betrayed me, American woman,

I will start to encourage American men to leave the country and go marry an east Asian or east Indian woman who speaks 2 or 3 languages, is in perfect health, and hopefully has a degree, but even a high school graduate there is more educated than a "some college" woman here.

Feb 01, 2015
If I'm not interested I'm not going to talk to you, at least not for very long, because I run the risk of being falsely accused of a crime just for doing anything beyond saying hello to you and walking on.

I've been the victim of reverse sexual harassment, by multiple women simultaneously, and not one of them stopped the other.

Then 5 of them went and filed false police reports against me, and if not for closed circuit cameras proving I didn't do anything wrong, because I was at Wendys every day for lunch, not where i was alleged to be, I would have gone to prison.

Here's a tip guys:

Don't ever be alone with more than one woman without video evidence, not even in a work/business or classroom setting.

If you absolutely can't avoid it, open the door so someone else can see, and you sit by the door.

What they will do to you is absolute evil just as bad as a rapist.

They'll start it, and they'll blame you, and there won't be any witnesses on your side.

Feb 01, 2015
They don't get arrested for filing false police reports, and you won't find a lawyer to take your case.

Feb 01, 2015
There is something warped and evil about the culture in this country.

You can talk about "rape culture"...

I can talk about "evil bitch harasses guys and falsely accuses him of things he never did and never would have done" and "asexual woman wastes guy's time and money" and "My cousin paid alimony half his adult life to a woman who never wanted him in the first place".

If a man marries a woman in the U.S. he is essentially forfeiting his 13, 14, and 15th amendment rights and is becoming her unconditional slave for the remainder of his life. You want to know why men don't want to marry? That's as good of a reason as any.

Another reason is women don't know what marriage is. it is inherently supposed to be a sexual relationship.

Another reason is hyper-conservative christianity placing a-moral moral bondages on people to screw up their lives, and producing "shotgun weddings" that only make things worse.

Feb 01, 2015
I tried to produce my own independent "Rape culture" survey at university, and was told I wasn't allowed to do that. Due to the "sensitive nature" of the topic, you're required to go through about 5 years worth of red tape before you can even submit a proposal for a survey.

I bet their version of the survey went through in about 5 minutes, because it was submitted by a woman.

Feb 01, 2015
I'm laughing at the over-analysis of the situation.

This isn't even about children.

There's umpteen types of birth control both before hand and now "morning after" if it was about child bearing.

The women have something wrong with them. I'ts bordering on genetic defect.

It's materialism to the worst degree.

It doesn't help that banking in the U.S. is now just another means of proxy slavery, instead of a means of easing the burden of large purchases. you buy a house, you get a loan, you pay back 2.5 to 3.5 times the value of the house.
You later sell the house often for less than you originally paid.

With the "meltdown" crisis having happened, people wisened up. Auto dealers realized people were getting smarter, so now instead of having a financing the car with interest, they offer "zero interest" loans. In reality all they did was increase the base price by the same amount, so you get screwed anyway, the difference is you don't think about it as much:

Feb 01, 2015
You don't want to be raped, but you don't want a video camera or any other device or technology for law enforcement to be able to prevent or catch the ones who do it.

"catch them" isn't good enough, that doesn't solve anything.


What happened to the "protect" part of "serve and protect"?

"Big brother, boo hoo, boo hoo".

I'd rather big brother catching a serial rapist on the first offense, or hopefully preventing it, instead of the U.S. justice system allowing him to get away with it 10 or 20 times in a row so someone elses perceived "civil liberties" can be protected, and the expense of 20 other people's lives and dignity.

Yes, give me Big Brother, so your daughter or your potential wife doesn't get raped by a stranger on the way home from work, or even at work.

I'll take "Big Brother" and "Big Sister" too.

There's more real freedom in that then there is in the U.S. right now.

Feb 01, 2015
For the criminals where you have an absolute closed case about who did and who is guily of abusing women, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Unfortunately, the "five lying bitches vs one innocent guy" problem still exists, so I can't support something extreme against convicted rapists or harassment cases where physical evidence doesn't exist, because I know first hand the women just flat out lie about it anyway.

The guy who smoked some grass goes to prison for almost as long as the one that raped or murdered. Does anyone else have a problem with that?

Oh it's all related.

Women blame violent men for dating woes.
Blame over-eager men, etc.

If the criminal justice system actually punished the right people that might happen less.
If "some" people weren't against using modern technology to detect and prevent crime, that might happen a lot less.

When the girl allegedly got drugged and raped in a back room, no evidence to deny or support. Who was to protect them?

Feb 01, 2015
How does a guy protect himself from a false acusation?

I saw on Discovery channel one time this experiment where members went around literally video taping everything they did all day long.

Do men need to wear a video and audio recorder full time for everything they do just to protect themselves against false accusations?

Good cop/bad cop?

Turns out when police where cameras the amount of disruptive behavior by the "good" citizens goes down. They fight less, they bicker less, they falsely accuse the officers less. They get proven to be a liar when falsely accusing the officer in a court.

Cameras prevent crime, and they help catch the suspect in cases where the crime isn't prevented.

Do guys need to wear a camera and microphone non-stop to protect themselves against harassment from women?

Well, if the guy records anything to protect himself he gets harassed and accused of being a pervert and a stalker.

Feb 01, 2015
There are women groups which encourage women to rob men by marrying them, with-holding sex from them until the man breaks and hits her or cheats, then divorce him and draw alimony for the rest of her life, or however long is allowed by circumstances.

They have it planned out to go a a couple years and then force the man to break.

Then once they get his money, they can screw whoever they like, as long as they don't get married again, for the rest of their lives and he's their slave, by law.

What is there to protect men from this con?

The women literally openly conspire to use the law to rob men blind, and they have a "first amendment right" to do so...on an unregulated internet.

That is a sex crime, and if it isn't illegal and a felony then it ought to be.

Feb 01, 2015
Re: "It will help if we just teach men that a woman who laughs at your jokes, stands close, or touches your arm at a party doesn't mean that she's sexually interested, even if you think she is"

But this is exactly how some women signal interest. You seem to know very little about the sexes. I recommend:

"The Sexual Harassment Quagmire: How To Dig Out" http://malematter...uagmire/

It's a detailed look at what I think is the sexes' most alienating and destructive behavioral difference, which is responsible for much of what is called sexual assault of women.

Feb 01, 2015
"... a woman who laughs at your jokes, stands close, or touches your arm at a party doesn't mean that she's sexually interested, even if you think she is," Bendixen says."

A woman touching the arm of a man is so an invitation to flirt. Touching the biceps and forearms are intimate parts of the arm and a signal to invite flirtation. In contrast, touching the hand, elbow, or triceps are attention getting or directing and not flirtation.

Feb 02, 2015
"... a woman who laughs at your jokes, stands close, or touches your arm at a party doesn't mean that she's sexually interested, even if you think she is," Bendixen says."

A woman touching the arm of a man is so an invitation to flirt. Touching the biceps and forearms are intimate parts of the arm and a signal to invite flirtation. In contrast, touching the hand, elbow, or triceps are attention getting or directing and not flirtation.

I'm sorry, but my dick didn't come with an owner's manual, and all those pussies out there didn't either.

Can you direct me to the reference you are citing either for or against this information?

You do realize that pretty much every woman is different in what they expect I'm freaking clueless in terms of personal experiences and even I know that.

Get the door,d on't get it.
Touch, don't touch
Compliment, don't compliment
guy randomly sticks his hand down a girls skirt and tugs on her panties and she likes it.

Feb 02, 2015
Well, if the a-sexual western woman is caused by a negative gene, perhaps a gene causing say, white women, to mutate in a detrimental direction, then it will apparently, and hopefully breed itself out of the population within a few generations, particularly if ment are proactively taught by their fathers and peers to pursue intelligent, sexually healthy women from some other gene pool.

Thus if it is a genetic problem, the solution is to breed it out,and hey, we can do that non-violently.

If it is a cultural problem, we can change culture in the process of breeding out the negative-trait women.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

She doesn't want to be fucked, fine. Nobody fuck her. Go get a girl from China or Russia and marry her, and let the other one die childless.

That's how this works.

That is the natural, god-given solution to this unruly, asexual woman problem.

Feb 02, 2015
It sounds harsh, but it really isn't. They are just "nuns" who haven't taken a vow.

Wow, they took a vow to the God of Self, when they vow "Don't settle".

So men, you fight their vow like I said. Don't settle for a woman that speaks 1 language and weights 170lbs. Go get you a chines hottie that is better in every conceivable way.

In this case "unnatural selection" is actually quite natural.

After several years, the western women will begin to notice they are being weeded out.

Men, pay them no heed.

When some of them start to beg, make them wait a few years like they did you.

Eventually things will fall back in line.

"Equality" sounds great until you realize God in fact did not create all men equal, nor did he create all women equal, nor are women in fact equal to men, no matter how much our civilization brainwashes people to do that.

They behave contrary to the good of the species and contrary to the good of their own genes. That's a defect.

Feb 02, 2015
This comment has been removed by a moderator.

Feb 02, 2015
That fool on the other article who supported 80% female representation knows nothing about the underpinnings of civlization.

The women have about a 1% popular majority and they already treat men like dogs.

Tax laws.

Single Man, good wage: No real deductions is screwed. Pays an insanely high tax rate and is punished for no reason.

Single Woman, low wage, because she has no qualifications usually: gets all sorts of government benefits, more than a man with an actual disability for example. Does not actually pay taxes and gets a net gain in refunds from the government.

Married couple: Gets a tax break significantly, etc.

Married man: If he fucks up so much as one time in his life he loses everything he has and becomes a slave for the rest of his life due to divorce laws.

So single men are punished for being single, but married men are punished for trying and failing.

Lose-lose situation.

Feb 02, 2015
the alternative is to leave this country, which I am beginning to think very, very seriously about.

In spite of having been brainwashed by the culture to think the U.S. is somehow morally superior to everyone else, I have begun to realize this really couldn't be further from the truth in some cases.

Goldn't rule, sivler rule.

"Don't do to others what you don't want done to you".

problem is they do it to you anyway, so at some point you have to respond.

if women want to ostracize men over every minor screw-up, and the legal framework is rigged against men, and it definitely is rigged, then men should respond by ostracizing the women and marrying abroad, and moving abroad That wlll work.

I began to realize that the U.S. gramework of government really is not a moral or ethical construct at all, even though it's presented as such and may even have started as such (it didn't; 3/5 compromise etc)..

Feb 02, 2015
I always had a problem with that. the 3/5 compromise. What person could sit and debate whether another person was worth a fraction of a person or not?

Anyway, here's the thing, assume the two women started out genetically "different but equal" whatever that means.

One has a high school diploma and "some college" or an associates, if they are lucky, and if they are like most their reading and writing skill in English, their native language, is somewhere around what mine was when I was in the 3rd grade. Further, this person is asexual.

The other has a Masters, speaks 2 or 3 languages fluently, including English, spells English words better than the American, owns her own home and plays an instrument and is a 10 and swims and jogs and tennis, etc. She wants sex and kids and loves a man.

Who the hell, given the choice, would marry the first one?
It ought to be illegal for the state to give a marriage license to the first one. She's hurting men.

Feb 02, 2015
Do a blood test on a large sample of American single women and compare it to foreign single women and see if there is some kind of genetic defect that correlates to asexual behavior.

See, tests and papers don't accomplish anything by themselves anyway.

To win the Pussy War the men have to weed out the bad apples by exporting about a half-million men or so above normal levels.

See also America can't make jobs, and China can't make babies, so they need younger workers to replace their aging population, while Americans need pussy, so the solution is to send Americans to china.

Human farming on a global scale, and the "Free market" is practically going to force it.

Why did the U.S. lift sanctions on Cuba?

Because somebody figured out that it wasn't helping anybody, and the U.S. needs new trade partners for the few things we still export.

Have to be careful though, don't want tons more uneducated cubans coming here, but some of them might be good for something.

Feb 02, 2015
The ULTIMATE joke against Capitalism is that the only way they'll be able to keep it afloat is by performing the largest marriage-alliance in human history, and sending about a half-million incredibly intelligent, beautiful, bilingual women, who perpetually look ten years younger than their western-relative age, here to replace the dumb ones we have here now.

No women in STEM jobs? No problem. Marry a Chinese.
Not enough Doctors and nurses? No Problem. Marry a Chinese.
Too many fatties? No problem. Marry a Chinese.
Never cooks/clean house? No problem. Marry a Chinese.
Not enough teachers? No problem, marry a chinese.

Western Education:
-During grade school and high school everyone try guess what your career will be.
-10th/11th grade try to gues which college you should go to and apply to the choices you think are best.
-Try to guess your exact major and sub-field and minors, etc.
-If you manage to graduate hope you guess correctly.

Feb 02, 2015
Eastern Education (they used to do this in England too* more later):
You take an aptitude test in 9th grade and find the 2 or 3 subjects you appear to be doing best in, and those become your focuses.
You go to college based on what your best subjects are and how good your marks are.
Not good enough to pass higher math? They figure that out ahead of time and send you to an appropriate school. Apparently women go to be school teachers and men go to middle management. If you're smart enough to be an engineer, they figure that out, in like 10th grade, and they send you to an engineering school (5 years not 4) and your bachelors is the equivalent of a U.S. Masters by the time you obtain it.
Meanwhile what's going on in the U.S.?

A 2/3rds of college students guess completely wrong and fail out.
of the graduates, about 2/3rds of those can't get a job anyway because they're under-qualified and have no hand skills. Got a degree in Gender Neutrality or liberal arts.

Feb 02, 2015
Communism anti-christian?


The early church was communistic, even more so than China or Russia.

Capitalism is anti-christian?

Don't believe?

It's primary motivation is greed.

"The love of money is A root of all evil." (not all definitive).


"Taking away the key of knowledge..."

Who died and gave any man the "rght" to give another man or company absolute control over all knowledge of a specific field so as to hold everyone else in bondage to them?

Extended Patents are a form of Slavery.

Once a company makes a certain amount of money to pay of their investments plus a certain amount of profit, the patents ought to be distributed. This actually is more efficient method of business because the other companies get to catch back up instead of WASTING RESOURCES re-inventing the wheel.

Why don't prices go down? Each group wastes resources re-inventing a less efficient version of the other company's new app to add to their own gadget.

Feb 02, 2015
The U.S. is actually at fault for China and other nations attempting to steal patents, because the international community puts sanctions on nations they don't like, and for what?

They don't have scrubbers on factories.
We'll, we don't allow them to use our technology, but we demand they make cleaner energy,but we patented every possible version of the technology along the way just because we (or Europoe in most cases) invented it or refined it first...because we were "lucky" and had the one-in-a-billion genius 50 years earlier than they did...that's what it amounts to. Somebody was born in the right womb and the U.S. and Europe reapt the rewards, and then put sanctions on other nations for 3 consecutive generations, punishing BILLIONS of people who had nothing to do with whatever wrongs were done by some long-dead idiot. Instead of assassinating the person or persons at fault.

Feb 02, 2015
Then, after 3 generations of bullshit, when everybody in N. Korea is poverty stricken, you point to them and say, 'look everybody, Communism isn't working."

Alriiiiiight Komrade Bush, Komrade Obama, Clintion, etc, you fucked everybody over for decades on end by conspiring against them with the international community to impoverish them, and then blame them for the poverty when it happens...

No, Americans, that is YOUR fault.
The dictator didn't do that to those people.


Conspire to cut off all trade with a nation, and then blame the system of government when they go broke.

well capitalism wouldn't work either if nobody traded with you. So what's your point?

If you don't like the dictator, and he's really evil bastard, which I don't dispute, then kill him. We can do that pretty easily. Smart bomb in the middle of the night would take him out pretty effortlessly.

then what? Replace with another puppet state we can corrupt.

Feb 02, 2015
In about 10 to 15 years the U.S. deficit and debt will reach a point where it will no longer be possible to keep it afloat by moving around fake money in the form of foreign loans and bonds, and they'll be forced to start giving away massive chunks of assets, such as land, to foreign powers in order to pay for the debt.

Already, as we can see, they are trading human beings on the "free" marriage market with China.

Hey, in this case I guess I don't mind. The women there are much more free than the men here. It's ridiculous.

"Proud to be an american, where at least I know I'm free."

Free to what?

you have free speech mainly because somebody figured out it's someitmes easier to fool you into thinking you are free if you are not obviously being hindered, but you are in fact obviously being hindered. You are cattle. The Roddy Piper movie had it right. "THEY LIVE".

Who's going to replace the federal government?

Feb 02, 2015
The Sane thing to do is for the existing government to Cede power to China or Russia, for the people's own good, because if the federal Government falls apart the ensuing anarchy and the stockpiles of God only knows how many WMDs the U.S. really has falls into hands of our own domestic Terrorists (blame russians and pakistanians?) and those nations get screwed over.

So over the next decade or so, expect to be speaking a great deal more Chinese and Russian, because they have the majority share of our foriegn debt and stand to lose the most by the ensuing U.S. collapse of government.

In order to collect on their debts, they'll form new alliances and treaties, openly or secretly or by "the market".

In this case it's a Marriage-alliance to move the work force around to try to correct for flaws in the system.

Been going on for a solid two decades, but now they are really pouring on the coals.

Feb 02, 2015
Although this is a different generation obviously, American women were the ones picked to operate the machines which refined the fuel to make the Atomic Bombs used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, because for whatever reason women were better at operating the machines than men.

No warning shot was fired for the most powerful weapon of war ever deployed against another human being.

They sent a note which was most likely only read by two or three people, and then bombed a city with no warning/demonstration shot to give the common people a chance to surrender in the wake of such a terrible invention.

Do you see how evil that really is?

That "Greatest Generation" myth?

They deployed this weapon against people who were incapable of conceiving of what it was, without warning or demonstration that something new a million times more powerful than any other weapon was invented, and killed scores of thousands of people, and justified it to their children and grandchildren for 40 years.

Feb 02, 2015
Most of the people who died on both bombings were unarmed women and children.

Now that was vs Japan, not China obviously, but the point is U.S. had no moral high ground at the end of WW2.

the U.S. and Europe weren't the "Good guys" at the end of WW2. they were just another set of "bad guys".

So here we are some 70 odd years later and not much has changed beside technology. The U.S. still oppresses women and children in foreign nations due to claiming to disagree with a system of government, when in fact the problem there is one corrupt family seized, not the original system of government. Instead of removing that one corrupt family, the U.S. and Europe impoverish everyone to the point of starvation, while the dictator and his family still fly around in private jets and give speeches on the U.N. council.




You Americans and Europeans.

That's your fault, and your parents' fault.

You could take him out any time.

Feb 02, 2015

Some bastard and his gang of Islamic thugs kidnaps, likely rapes, and brainwashd a couple hundred girls, and the U.S. and Europe do nothing.

Now months later, they've started sending brainwashed 11 year old girls back to town carrying package bombs to their family and friends.

Why no intervention?

no oil. Right?

Who gives a damn about some girls in a country that doesn't have oil?

That's how U.S. policy on the issue was decided. no resources to fight over, so we aren't helping anybody.


The only people in the world who can help refuse to help because they can't make a profit by doing so.


And you call yourselves being on the moral high ground.

Feb 02, 2015
What does any of this have to do with women and sex?

A lot. It's about a form of absolutely heartlessness and evil that pervades a culture literally from top to bottom.

In the bedroom, in the backyard, in the basement, at work, at school, on the playground (rooting for two idiots to beat one another up) at the theatre, in the government, in the local bar or club...fight, kill, h ate one another, fuck your neighbor's wife and ruin everyone's life, and blame another country for it after the fact.

But hey, the fuck your neighbor's wife thing is partially understandable when the single women are either asexual, or quite literally unfuckable because they're 200 lbs overweight and dumb as a stick.

It's almost a joke.

the attractive, smart american girls don't want sex, and the ones that do are dumb as hell and unattractive.

What worse penalty could their be for evil than this divine joke?

Leave both groups here to rot and move to china.

Feb 02, 2015
Here's the thing, people don't work on themselves in the U.S.

Middle age and old people don't continue their education.

Young people don't read science and technology, least of all women.

They play the least educational, m ost violent games.

Violence against women?

Grand theft auto lets you play a character who goes around raping women at times, and WOMEN PLAY it's a joke, but then complain about the rape culture...

You're a willing participant in paying someone to promote it...and you're a woman...
Women worked on the game.

how in God's name?

I couldn't in good conscience work on that project if I was a developer...

That's insane.

5 or 6 sequels now, I lost count, didn't play any of them.

Hire a prostitute, rape that random one...kill this one or that one randomly.

That's entertainment?

You're becoming as warped as the ancient romans throwing people in an arena with swords and a lion or a chariot.

Feb 02, 2015
Education in games?

The games I do play have some violence in the by nature because pretty much all games have some violence unfortunately, but at least the ones I play are educational and require abstract reasoning, etc.

The GTA series is essentially "Murder-Rape-Theft fest" in 3-d with maximum gore, rated "M" for ImMATURE EVIL PEOPLE, who think every act of violence and abomination is a light thing and a joke.

Starcraft vs GTA?

one i a strategy game which is really more of a puzzle game. It's not about the violence, its' about solving a puzzle to out-smart an opponent .

The other is about a sadistic, morbid obsession with viewing and role-playing theft, personal murder and personal violence against full 3d and maximum gore.

Do you know that China censors the gore on Starcraft 2 because they don't want their teens and young adults exposed to the "mild" gore? But do want them to learn to solve the strategic puzzles? Yeah.

Feb 02, 2015
"Freedom of Speech" was never intended to facilitate the abominations of violence and abuse, both against women AND BY WOMEN, on our television and games and internet.

the Second Amendment was never intended to allow every family to posses a sub-machine gun (which is basically a WMD) so 1 in a hundred thousand people can go ballistic and murder 20 to 50 others in a day.

Nor do I believe Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin would have supported the modern interpretation of EITHER the first or second amendment in the Bill of Rights. It's absurd that both bills have been perverted by the lobbyists and the courts to PROMOTE every form of violence and perversion, and DEMOTE every form of goodness and love.

It's pretty damn bad when I can point to slave owners as being on moral high ground to modern Republicans, Gun lobbyists, or corporations, etc.

There has been like one mass shooting in the past 20 years involving an illegal weapon. All the others involved legal purchase

Feb 02, 2015
So the existing "Legal but background check" laws about weapons do not prevent violence, because you can't screen for the "lunatic on the point of breaking".

As long as it 's legal to sell semi-automatic weapons to random individuals, there''s going to be lone wolves walking into schools and theatres shooting your wife and daughter and sons...and the few "good guys" can't protect anybody because of OFFENSIVE BALANCE THEORY. It's harder to defend than it is to attack...

You can't just allow everybody to carry machine guns into the theatre so the "good" people will have weapons, because that just makes it easier for the lunatic to carry weapons, and the lunatic gets to shoot first, so the good people lose anyway.

Thereofre, the "Right to bear arms" does not and cannot protect you from lone wolf terrorists, since they always get a surprise attack and get the first ten, 20, 100 rounds fired.

You need like 50 armed people to stop a surprise attack by one machine gun.

Feb 02, 2015
But Bless God, the "Constitution" the most important portions of which is 200 years outdated, says we have a "right" to keep semi-automatic weapons stockpiled in your mom's basement to defend against the "Evil" chinese and the "evil" russians, who have no interest in attacking us.

It's ridiculous.

ANNUAL Domestic murder rates dwarf entire casualty rates for a 10 years geurilla warfare campaign in the middle east.

And REPUBLICANS the conservatives, don't want laws passed and technology implemented to help stop it...a few more restrictions and bans on weapons.

LIBERALS don't want cameras and and surveillance, which are the ONLY rational mechanism for preventing certain first crimes, or catching certain first time offenders on the first time before they become 20 times repeat.


The violence and hatred can be stopped, but you literally don't want it to be stopped. You're actually promoting it and funding it.

Feb 03, 2015
@ Not-So-Humbled-Returnering-Skippy. How you are Cher? Never mind I can see this last little trip to Mandeville or Jackson hospitals for the mental conditions did not you help much. Littering up the physorg like this is what got you the boot last time, and the times before that one too. And when you start doing doing this, you know it's only a matter of days before the doctors get wind of it an lock you again.

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