New app designed to make students more streetwise about their health

New app designed to make students more streetwise about their health
Credit: University of Bristol

A new app called 'ESC Student' will be launched at the Student Health Association Conference in Leeds today [27 June] as part of a wider campaign to help improve student health and increase health literacy among young people.

The app allows students and young people to answer common questions about their within seconds and without the need for an internet connection.

It was developed by experienced GP Dr Knut Schroeder together with a team of experts from the University of Bristol Students' Health Service, 30 students and health professionals from the wider NHS.

Dr Schroeder came up with the idea for ESC Student three years after students told him and colleagues that they frequently want to look up but often don't know which sources to trust.

He's since worked with a team of experts and users to create a mobile app which gives students quick and easy access to health information, helping them to make informed decision about their health within seconds and also improving their wellbeing.

Dr Dominique Thompson, Director of the Students' Health Service at the University of Bristol, said: "This app provides reliable, relevant health advice for young adults who want to look after themselves and use medical services wisely."

The app is certified by the NHS England Information Standard as a source of reliable health information.

It offers students information and reassurance on health problems that said were particularly relevant to them – from first aid and emergencies to common ailments, mental health problems, physical (body) symptoms, love and sex, healthy living, travel health, alcohol and drugs, long-term health problems, staying safe at university and how to access health services.

Students in the UK and anywhere in the world can find reliable health information on over 120 important student health topics in plain language, available 24/7 and in total privacy:

  • Emergencies – learning the truth about life-threatening illnesses and how to give basic first aid
  • General ill health – tackling sleep problems, feeling stressed, and constant fatigue
  • Mental health – finding out what to do when feeling low or anxious, self-harming or worried about drinking too much alcohol
  • Troubling – what to do next and when to see a pharmacist, nurse or doctor
  • Common ailments – getting to the bottom of headaches, finding out how to treat spots, and managing common aches and pains
  • Useful links – getting fast access to hundreds of links to useful and reliable sources of further information (to access these links, internet access will be required)
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