Dental brace wire found in woman's bowel after 10 years

A dental brace wire was found in a woman's bowel after 10 years. It was only discovered after she was admitted to hospital following two days of worsening stomach pain, explain doctors in the online journal BMJ Case Reports.

A scan showed that the wire had pierced several parts of the small bowel, causing the to twist around on itself—a condition known as a volvulus.

The 30 year old said that she had not worn a dental brace for a decade, and didn't remember having swallowed the wire or having lost it.

The wire was surgically removed, and the made a full recovery with no further complications.

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More information: Talia Shepherd et al. Orthodontic braces come back to bite: a novel presentation of a small bowel volvulus, BMJ Case Reports (2017). DOI: 10.1136/bcr-2017-221152
Journal information: BMJ Case Reports

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