How does your fitness compare with an elite athlete?

How does your fitness compare with an elite athlete?
Credit: University of South Australia

Think you can give those Commonwealth Games athletes a run for their money?

You just might, thanks to a world-first online, interactive exercise toolkit developed by the University of South Australia.

The Exercise Science toolkit allows users to test their levels and match their body shape to 100 different sports depending on their profile.

Lead researcher Kevin Norton, Professor of Exercise Science in UniSA's School of Health Sciences, says almost 30,000 profiles have been analysed since the toolkit's release earlier this year.

"The software program is being used by through to professional sports people, who can test their anaerobic power, strength and aerobic fitness, blood biomarkers, and compare themselves with world-class athletes across about 100 different sports," Prof Norton says.

"If they don't know their own fitness levels then users can create a virtual athlete and investigate what sports they might be involved in. A 'Sport Match' module is also available to predict the best sport match based on fitness and ."

Prof Norton says the program is unique in the world and the impressive uptake – 30,000 profiles analysed in a matter of weeks – is testament to its popularity.

"PE teachers in schools across Australia are already using the beep test, checking their own scores with the of elite-level AFL players, netballers and other professional sports people."

The toolkit, which is free and includes 40 tools across six modules, took Prof Norton two years to build with the help of his wife, Dr. Lynda Norton, from Flinders University and UniSA Ph.D. students.

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