Emotional intelligence predictors in radiation therapists ID'd

Emotional intelligence predictors in radiation therapists ID'd
(HealthDay)—Some factors that predict radiation therapists' emotional intelligence (EI) can be addressed, according to a study published online April 23 in the Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences.

Trakis Stami, from the St. George Cancer Care Centre in Kogarah, Australia, and colleagues used surveys to explore the demographic predictors of EI among 205 radiation therapists working in cancer care centers in Australia.

The researchers found that age and level of current employment were predictors of global EI. For the EI emotionality dimension, gender and level of education were significant predictors. For the sociability dimension of EI, levels of employment and level of education were both significant predictors.

"Being a young radiation therapist, female, and having of employment and higher levels of education were predictors of EI," the authors write. "Given that level of and level of employment are both amendable demographic factors, strategies to address these factors to reduce the effects of emotional struggle experienced by therapists in their work need to be implemented."

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May 06, 2018
Just like there is no dark matter, there is no EI. If anything, it may be a combination of other factors, largest of which is a compliance trait, in combination with common sense. That is all there is.

But, there are useless careers at stake to research it. Same as there are useless careers in all religions, faith and denominations.

May 07, 2018
I'm sick of the misnomor 'emotional intelligence'. It's emotional/social 'knowledge', like a 'map of social norms', and an intentional or natural healthy training of personal emotions.. We often seem to conflate the two definitions of intelligence, and we really should just reserve it for describe the cognitive kind, not the informational kind. Emotions are not intelligence, of course. 'Social pragmatism and emotional awareness' would be a better phrase. Knowledge and pragmatism are products of intelligence, not intelligence itself.

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