Low birth weight linked to obesity, diabetes, and hypertension later in life

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The findings, which come from a Journal of Diabetes analysis of 11,515 men and 13,569 women in China, indicate that nutrition in early life may play a role in the development of subsequent metabolic disorders.

"The associations were observed even after adjusting for most socioeconomic and lifestyle factors in adulthood, such as educational level, per capita income, smoking, alcohol consumption and regular exercise," said senior author Dr. Wanghong Xu, of the Fudan University School of Public Health, in China.

"These results suggest an important role of maternal and child health in prevention of in China and other low- and ."

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More information: Qinghua Xia et al, Prospective cohort studies of birth weight and risk of obesity, diabetes and hypertension in adulthood among Chinese population, Journal of Diabetes (2018). DOI: 10.1111/1753-0407.12800
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